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how to make someone stop texting you | Spanglers – General Blog News

how to make someone stop texting you | Spanglers – General Blog News
how to make someone stop texting you | Spanglers – General Blog News

We all own phones, and at some point, we have unwanted text messages from stalkers, secret admirers, and even at times, our friends! It is annoying and disturbing when someone keeps texting you relentlessly, yet you do not feel them.

The annoying texts could be a one-off thing. Sometimes, they can be an endless barrage that tests your patience. It happens mostly when the person texting you likes you or has fallen for you, but you lack a mutual feeling about them. Here are a few tips on how to get someone to stop texting you without coming off as rude.

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How Can I Stop Someone From Texting?

A few studies have been conducted indicating that nearly over one-third of mobile phone users have received unwelcomed text messages. There are several mechanisms to use to cut the annoying messages for individuals not keen to be part of these unwanted statistics. There is no need to be rude because you can pass your point across politely. Such tactics include utilizing the message send failure prank and error text prank until they give up texting you.

1. Block them

Nowadays, most service providers and mobile phones come with block functionality. The block function was designed specifically for this purpose – to bar text messages and calls that are undesirable. Each time they try texting you, they will fail. If they are smart enough, they will realize that their text messages are unwelcomed.

2. Never reply

You send a message of your own by ignoring the text. Silence is a golden weapon of how to get someone to stop texting you. After sending multiple messages without a reply from you, the other person will likely tire with one-way communication. There is even a popular adage that says, “intelligent people ignore.”

Treat them with golden silence until they give up texting you. Again, if the other person is smart enough, he/she will realize you are not interested in having meaningless chats with them.

3. Be direct

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When using this strategy, you should be cautious enough not to sever ties that you may need in the future. It might be difficult for other people to read the clues and hints you give about how you do not enjoy receiving texts from them.

Be straightforward and inform them you do not like them texting you be careful to do so in a manner that does not hurt their feelings. Tell them you feel they would rather not text you, and that you are not at a point where you can chat with them.

4. Confront them

The water has reached your neck, and you must take action immediately! You should only opt for a confrontation when you have tried other ways, and they have failed. This strategy must be reserved for those who persistently text you, and you have made it clear you do not like it. You have even tried ignoring the texts with no success.

Do not be hesitant in stating categorically to the person that he/she needs to stop texting! Make them see that you have no interest in communicating with them.

5. Change your number

Push has come to shove! It is the only option you have remaining to get rid of the relentless creep. You have tried several ways to stop them from texting you by even blocking them, but they text you with different numbers. The texts have become so nagging that you cannot stand it anymore.

Get a new number, and do not share it with people you would not like to converse with. If they do not have your new number; they cannot text you! It is hard letting people know you have a new number, but it is worth it. You have peace of mind! Just ensure you save your contacts on loud and sync them with your new number.

6. Seek help

You have a mutual friend, or you have that one friend who always comes through for you when you need it! Seek help from a third party to deliver a strict message. You can even send hollow threats through that person to the irritating creep to keep away. This idea might appear unsavory, but it is effective at times.

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In extreme circumstances, you can have a trusted friend pose as your girlfriend/boyfriend to save you from the constant annoying messages.

7. Error text prank

A partial way of getting someone to stop texting you is by using error text pranks that mimic the automated error messages that are usually sent by series providers when experiencing technical problems. Each time you receive an unwanted text, reply with a message like “SMS ERROR 111: CLIENT NOT AUTHORIZED TO RECEIVE” or “SMS SERVICE ERROR: SENDER DOES NOT SUPPORT REPLIES.”

The relentless person texting you is bound to give up after trying multiple times, and he/she will assume it is a service glitch that is preventing them from texting you. If they can read between the lines, they will know you do not like having the text you.

8. Report to the authorities

Some people do not know when to give up. Others are so self-centered that they cannot see when they are violating other people’s privacy. You have made desperate attempts to let someone know that you do not appreciate their texts, but they do not seem to desist from this annoying behavior.

Do not shy away from reporting them to the cops. You can even obtain a restraining order from the court. Sometimes, a word from the authorities is enough to stop them from texting you.

Stopping the Texts

You do not have to suffer in silence from unwanted texts sent by people you do not like. Assess your situation and go for the most suitable technique to stop them from texting you. You have the choice to avoid the unnecessary negative emotional effect caused by unwanted texts.

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