These include mounting the switch so its front face is flush with the face of the rack, or mounting it in a more balanced position as shown in Figure Press down on the small tab on the plug, and pull the plug out of the jack. Some Tests Work; Some Don’t. The text following the name command is simply a text string that will identify the ports in the management interfaces. Click Upload to upload the specified firmware file to the HP Switch. Otherwise, the port may have been disabled through the switch console, or the web browser interface.

hp procurve j9019a firmware

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Maintaining and Troubleshooting the HP 4. The default command setting is: The default view is Activity Act. If the fault indication re-occurs, the switch may have failure has occurred. Remember me on this computer.

(PDF) HP Switch | David LĂ©vano Carmen –

In the absence of an SFP Small Form-factor Pluggable module, the port operates as a Mbps full-duplex port using the settings in the Philips-supplied configuration files. Mounting the HP Switch to a Wall 2. Maintaining and Troubleshooting the HP Figure Performing Visual Tests Prior to using the Philips system with patients, you must visually inspect all system components, cables, and connectors thoroughly.


To mount the HP Switch on a table or desktop: The 9j019a Desktop tests still pass, but the FTP and telnet tests fail when I attempt connections via the virtual ip addresses of their respective services.

Ja Firmware Download – HP 24 ProCurve Switch

Press the button to step from one view mode to the next. Failures indicates the number of Ping or Link packets that were unsuccessful in the last test.

hp procurve j9019a firmware

Using a 1 Phillips-head screwdriver and the four supplied 8mm M4 screws, attach the supplied mounting brackets to each side of the HP Switch chassis as shown in Figure Check Table for the LED pattern you see on your switch. The complete reboot lasts approximately 40 seconds.

Performing Test and Inspection Procedures This section is intended for Philips -trained service providers.

Try the following procedures: Before installing the HP Switch on your network, verify that it is running the correct version firmware by following the steps listed in the configuration procedure provided on page However, successful completion of the tests should yield a fully functioning system.

Click Upload to upload the specified firmware file to the HP Switch.

How to reset a ProCurve 2510-24g to default settings

It cannot be deployed in a non-routed or routed Ring Topology with Cisco switches or switches from other vendors. You procurvve mount the HP Switch to a: Messages should appear on the console screen and in the console log identifying the error condition. In Notepad, select the contents of the whole file by pressing Ctrl-A.


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hp procurve j9019a firmware

The HP Switch may be operated while it is resting on a desktop, or mounted to a wall or standard equipment rack. Additionally, I created a service to manage the real servers’ HP switch.

Upon completion of the firmware file upload, the message shown in Figure appears.

Place the switch on the table or shelf near the Uninterruptible Power Supply to which the switch will be connected. Note You cannot press Ctrl-V to paste the configuration file contents into Hyperterminal.

You can open and edit the HP configuration. Switch Identification Information The firmware file upload is now complete.

hp procurve j9019a firmware

Help Center Find new research papers in: Successes indicates the number of Ping or Link packets that successfully completed the most recent test.