Fixing a couple of recruitment bugs. Home Articles What’s New? The rebels were a pain. That contain larger files such as video and sound that would make a single installer obnoxious in file size. Total War Medieval II: When launching the Freeform Campaing v 3.

hyrule total war 1.1

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Hyrule Total War: Classic Ultimate mod

And mercs awesomeness too! Does anyone have an idea to fix this?

hyrule total war 1.1

The Labrynna main armies are fighting the Zora invasions from the other side. I post here an immersive music pack for TLK!

Files RSS feed – Medieval II: Total War: Kingdoms – Mod DB

The capital has the tower – i did edit the model to remove the tower and create the alternate version. Visits 54, today. All the battle-map cities from vanilla Med2 replaced with custom ones made by Undying Nephalim. New resources on the map has been properly placed on the old map manually – replacing old models and vanilla models on the map. The videos are available unchanged on Youtube so i downloaded them from there and made them fit the campaign instead.

Files RSS feed – Medieval II: Total War: Kingdoms – Mod DB

Campaign release for Hyrule Total War. Simply extract the archive contents in the root folder of M2: Hyrule Total War – Installation Guide The system logs say theres some stuff missing but wered it go and how did it get there? Vehicles garage are totally worth it, they can create Mech suit that are basically Darknuts elites whitout the slow walking speed so great to flank strong enemies with or destroy morale and Tanks are simply stupidly powerful, they act like explosive cannons with far higher rate of fire and incredible range, amazing to clean high density armies from afar but very slow so don’t bother moving them around unless absolutely needed.


If I that can help you, the trick with Labrynna is to use the tokay as meatshield, and I mean literally. Sorry for the rant, had to speak up about it.

hyrule total war 1.1

As i did test a battle there. But at least now it looks as polished as i could make it based on Undying Nephalim’s great work – 1.1 his assets to make this submod was totally worth it in my opinion. Releases how long does it usually take to authorize?

Releases New Patch released today: Of course i have been working on an older version that has been out for years – utilizing the resources from all the three different versions of HTW. Post your thoughts on the Forums.

Total War – Patch 3. Ill copy the error i get for any1 knows what it means. You shall choose how to rewrite the history of Hyrule. Time to start anew and forge some alliances! Campaign script fix for the ctds at startup of Ryswell and Night’s Watch Start up.


Hyrule Total War: Classic Ultimate mod – Mod DB

Thanks for the bug reports. Last edited by Gigantus; June 01, at To play the game with the right UI i have to run the Hyrule Launcher, wait for it to crash then use the M2 launcher to get into the game, after it goes to the desktop because my game will not sync up onto the online server, with the overlapping music. Kingdoms – Mod DB http: Re-skins of most of the Majora regional rosters – Codeman over at the Hyrule Conquest Discord helped me with them, and their banners.

The Core files are absolutely needed to run any version of the game. Features of the original 3. Total War Redux v.

hyrule total war 1.1

Total War Medieval II: Originally Posted by jwagne Videos from the recent arcs now also in use if they exist