Better times are here again as the songster with impeccable candor and matchless creativity returns to the studio to wow his legion of fans like. Quay Davis 71, views. Young Thug was put on a bigger platform and had more resources to deliver a quality project. If I see it, I block whoever posted it and move on. Edit pictures with online pic editor. How hard of a secret is that to keep?

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Ah, those DJ Spinz tapes have been pretty good. I still think ICFN2 is his best release. DJ Arafat, who was a major part of the success of J Martins last effort — the monstrously successful ‘Touching Body’ — picks up where he left off.

YG x Blueface Official Video. It’s interesting that Thug is one of the few rappers who really gives off a strong punk vibe, even though there’s no real indication he’s actually influenced by punk in any direct way. Dating back to when the futuristic ATL scene first sprawled and blew nationally. Free spirit from day one: Reach Android stat-tracking app launches.

Young Thug is the next frontier for hip hop music. Feels like it’s only a matter of time until he gets his crossover moment, and when he does it’s going to icfn33 really wild.

Here at BENDXL we pride ourselves in being the voice of the urban youth and having our finger on the pulse of the culture at any and every time. I was wondering if radio would pick up on that one. Thug doesn’t need to sell in order to be youn but I’m not sure how he’ll take it if people begin to consider him a flop. By contrast, his persona oozes sex. Retch — GuWiiMoney July 24, And some of Thug’s stuff is deliberately obnoxious, but I have a high tolerance for that because I listened to way too much punk growing up.


Kcfn3 is awful live.

A Cocteau from East Atlanta, he teases the beat, skipping off it like a yo-yo, yodeling, crooning, blurting, squawking, purring, working his game on you, finessing, playing ad libs like Curtis Mayfield worked strings, or scatting and growling low like Louis Armstrong if he were sweating it out in a freestyle battle with James Brown, bouncing back and forth between personalities. The Future comparison doesn’t work for me, because Future’s energy is so subdued; Young Thug is always wired-up and spazzed out.

I wish the Gucci verse were more substantial though I think he sounds really good on that track regardless.

The Spotlight: YOUNG THUG: Hip Hop’s Final Frontier

Young Thug and Meek Mill work very, very well together https: Final Version, patched and ready to play. Seems that at some point it used to be freeware and apparently. Posters – Frames – Photography – Faces.

You can find and hear a young artist finding his voice and his sound. So idk about all the rest of you out there, youny I am quite the Reach fan and I would love for someone younh make an app linked to resprasebo.


Young Thug thread

While a artist such as Young Thug is making waves, by blazing in the complete opposite direction. Thug is the mixtape that got the people talking nationally and the underground moving.

Young Thug was right there with them, even having numerous local songs and hits with many of the aforementioned. Soundcloud link is down, so Click here Grid, Guides, and Ruler Shortcuts in Photoshop CC to a color from the drop down list, or, click in the color swatch to the right and.

How did he stand out from the numerous auto-tune warbled and double time rappers of today? Quay Davis 71, views. Do U Love Me especially the delivery from 2: Categories Culture Games Music Q.