The new option is -R and it can be used to remove a hung virtual disk when nothing else helps. NET applications, no changes should be necessary as long as applications work with the new version of ImDiskNet. After the installation process finishes, you can call the program from your command prompt. The only exception from this is libewf. Posted 31 January –

imdisk virtual disk driver 1.5.0

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Also a few new API functions to detect “memory disks” of any kind, either directly using virtual memory in the ImDisk driver or physical memory through awealloc. Added “manifest” file for better looking buttons and controls in control panel applet. I recent bought a SSD disc because the old hard disk was getting slower and provoked freezes during my work. When user double clicks on a disk icon in device list, the applet will now check first that drive letter is recognized by Windows Explorer, before sending a command to Windows Explorer to open the drive root folder.

This makes it possible to send Unicode filenames to “mount new” dialog, which means that Unicode filenames now work correctly when for example right-click on diisk file in Windows Explorer. What’s new in 2. Currently, settings and registry changes need to be handled on a per program basis using scripts, saving data to a writable drive and reloading at startup.

imdisk virtual disk driver 1.5.0

In that case it just displays an error message and exits. Added same device change notifications for 32 bit as for 64 bit version. Once you’ve finished with a virtual drive then you can usually remove it by selecting “UnMount ImDisk Virtual Disk” from the right-click menu in Explorer. This practically adds support for lots of image file formats to ImDisk.


It now registers drivers and service with start mode set to “auto” so that they will start automatically at system startup.

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Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. Until it is proved stable, it will only be available through separate beta release links: There is now also a self-extracting archive to just install the driver without user-mode tools or libraries: A completely rewritten MDL handling should also gain performance and provide better compatibility. Add extra desktops as required and it’ll display thumbnails of each one, making it easy to identify whatever you’re after and switch to it.

Otherwise, it goes on with stopping services and unloading drivers so that uninstall could finish without any need for reboot. HDD Raw Copy 1. A new feature in the driver enables mounting VHD files from Windows Backup that have blank disk signature, even in read-only mode.

Do corresponding with awealloc driver if you use that one as well. Additionally, another problem caused the application to crash after such hardlink restore failures.

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Its comprehensive set of features takes a while to get used to, but as soon as you get the hang of it, ImDisk Virtual Disk Driver can become a very handy tool to include in ijdisk projects or an important part of your everyday work. Another bug, similar to the one corrected in 1.

I also tried the SafeFileHandle Property to get the stream with the same result. This is why they have very sophisticated controllers, so even if a lot of files are written and deleted, it makes sure to NOT re-use the same cells over and over if at all possible.


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ImDisk is an excellent tool, packed with advanced functionality, yet also straightforward enough that even relative PC novices can use it.

Surprises me in that case. I have built a few similar solutions running in various places and I have used a script that mounts original image imdik as a separate drive and synchronize between RAM disk and mounted original image.

imdisk virtual disk driver 1.5.0

Correction to shared memory proxy client in ImDisk driver. Even though there are some kind of shutdown notifications virtuql drivers they are a little bit tricky to use for other things than the driver itself. First, it checks if there is an existing version of ImDisk installed and if there are any virtual disks mounted. So that means that after every reboot 1.0 the files which a browser wrote on the disk for performance reasons are gone and have to be loaded again from the internet vanishing the reason why those files where created.

Setup package now operate as follows.

Posted 15 November – There is a new API function in imdisk. Could you just double check that you have put everything in correct places?