Ensure all the forms are duly completed and signed. Start using the Service. However, employers should ensure all the Control Lists generated are signed and submitted to the Department in order to complete the submission process. For teenagers between 15 and 18 years old, they work 8 hours per day and 48 hours per week. Want to receive latest updates on HR information?

ir56a form

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Employees Benefits In Kind Employers are not obligated to provide employees with medical insurance.

Some banks may take a more stringent approach with overseas companies to avoid money laundering. Skip to main content. Backatage is your foundation towards better HR management.

Hong Kong Company Set Up Guide: Business Registration in HK

Hongkong company firm up. For tax planning purposes, employers may structure the remuneration package to include rental ur56a. This should be signed by proprietor, the authorised signatory of a company in Hong Kong. However, if you have already signed and submitted the paper Control List to the Department to complete the whole submission process, you have to file amendment IR56 forms for the relevant employee s to rectify the errors.

A software in this regard is provided by the IRD free of charge. You may refer to the link below for further information: There are no legislative requirements on maximum working hours except in the case of a young person forj industrial undertakings. Should this not be stipulated in the contract, the bonus amount will consist of one month’s pay, based on the average over the preceding month period. After successful uploading of the data file, a paper Control List with Transaction Reference Number and QR code will be generated from the system.


ir56a form

An employer should report the full remuneration accrued to an employee irrespective of whether the respective employee is entitled to claim exemption from Salaries Tax or not. Payments to local persons who are non-incorporated service providers.

Once all required documents have been submitted to the Firm Department, it takes about four to six weeks to process the visa application.

Filing of Employer’s Return / Notification

HR Software We make productive and friendly software for people at work. Year-end bonus fogm is at the discretion of an employer, however, the employment contract should stipulate the terms of such payment. Corporate tax is fixed at Rest Day Employees employed under a continuous contract are entitled to not less than one rest day in every period of seven days.

Typically the documents required will include: By using the software, XML data file can be generated. Except for exempt persons, employees and the self-employed all persons aged between 18 and ir56aa employed for a continuous period of 60 days or more irr56a required to join the MPF schemes. Thank you for using ” XXXX “.

If you require an exchange rate for other currency, you may use any reasonable externally sourced average exchange rate for that currency and use it consistently.


The download form and fax-a-form must be printed on white plain A4 size paper; and the printed information must be complete and legible. General 1 When you received an Employer’s Return BIR56Ayou must complete it and lodge with IRD within 1 month fofm if you do not hire any employee a Nil return should be madethe business has not commenced, or the business has ceased. A branch office of a foreign company must also register with the Companies Registry.

This should be paid monthly on the normal payment date. A valid Business Registration Certificate must be displayed at the place of business.

ir56a form

Income Tax Calculation Employers are required to provide to employees, a copy of the I. Online demo on filing of employer’s return: The number of paper IR56B submitted should be reported in item 1. Although not required by law, it is common practice for employers in Hong Kong to give employees a bonus at the end of the year. Tax Financial Filing 1 April foorm 31 March of the following year.