To avoid this very specific trouble, a new web-based software tool has been introduced. You can install our Chrome extension for quick access. After entering the details in the form Just use click Save button. Once you have logged in, you will be greeted with a screen that says:. In the case of the concession, these are the lower age limits that the citizens need to adhere by before going ahead with the ticket price concession: The coaches will start swaying while moving along the tracks since there is a higher Center of Mass while the journey is going on.

irctc magic autofill software

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Make sure to remember that the Indian Railways follows a hour clock. Although these mistakes are very miniscule in our eyes, on magoc overall picture, it is devastating if our Identity cards do not match.

IRCTC Tatkal Autofill Form Tool – Updated for New Version

These are the most popular choice of ticket classes that are used by the general public, be it making the ticket for these using an online web portal like IRCTC or the offline ticketing methods. Please carry a proof of Identity in case the Ticket Checker or the T. In order to travel such long distances and maintain the nutritious balance as well, people can now easily book their meals while booking their tickets as well.

However, gradually over time and several overhauls later, it is considered one of the best sites as far as booking a travel ticket is concerned.

These are the prices for regular Tatkal ticket booking: Refund Ircgc No refund on the cancellation of confirmed Tatkal tickets. In order to log in, we will have to enter these two details:. However, with its benefits come certain disadvantages as well. Apart from that, there are stipulated time periods for booking Tatkal tickets.


Before going ahead with these results, firstly, you will have to enter your personal details to book the ticket. magc

IRCTC Tatkal Autofill

sogtware However, sometimes while entering the same repeatedly, as a subconsciously unconscious human being, we tend to make grave mistakes. The algorithm is set in such a way that their tickets softwarr get confirmed in case of a waitlisted or RAC Reservation Against Cancellation ticket against their name.

The usual time slots for booking Tatkal tickets are as follows: The next time you have to take care of the filling up part of any IRCTC ticket, you can simply click on the browser extension and it will fill up the empty slots of information such as: Quota In Booking Tatkal Tickets There are technically three types of ticketing quotas available, not only in online but also in offline ticket windows. Each ticket has a different refund rate depending on the time of mqgic ticket cancellation.

For example, if you have a ticket that says RAC-7, it means that at least 7 people have to cancel their tickets or not go ahead with their journeys. Tatkal General Class Tickets: By our Autofill magic tool we allow you book you tatkal tickets with ease.

irctc magic autofill software

Finally, you will ajtofill to enter the date of the journey that you are interested in. The particular details have been ircgc beforehand in the first topic itself.


This Autofill tool will helps you to save time in filling up the IRCTC reservation form and book your tatkal tickets faster. People love taking the time and the chance slowly to devour the autofjll essence of a wonderful journey. There are different types of Waitlisted tickets such as:. Select the possible date of your journey and click on the Search button given below.

This measure is taken as a security verification process. It is a regular feature among various other portals such as Amazon and all. You will have to enter a few details such as: As we had discussed in the previous section, in this case, we will brief in on the Magic Autofill Browser Extension. In order to travel long distances, apart from taking the luxury of an airplane, autifill choose the services of trains to enjoy the situation and the time very much.

Ladies quota is specifically reserved for women where a few tickets are there only available for women while going ahead with the booking process. The matic will start swaying while moving along the tracks since there is a higher Center of Mass while the journey is going on. It is to be noted that if you plan on canceling a Tatkal Ticket, you will not get any sort of refunds.

irctc magic autofill software

After entering these details, you can choose to book a Tatkal ticket: