For print output, the bibliography title, like other component elements, is processed using the component. Karolis Ryselis Karolis Ryselis 2 2 bronze badges. There is also a link to full tutorial. Articles with short description Articles with French-language external links. The formatting of the bibliography title is handled as part of the general titlepage mechanism in DocBook XSL. Unicorn Meta Zoo 9: Find these lines in the file:


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Improving the question-asking experience. Welcome to Super User! Within that template, locate these lines HTML version:.


Super User works best with JavaScript enabled. The label in square brackets at the start of each entry can be customized using the biblioentry. ISO is copyrighted and iso690.zsl free for distribution. This template normally generates the label with a number or abbreviation.

Iso690.xsl download

Unicorn Meta Zoo 9: I need to edit ISO You could usefully modify that display title. It also specifies the order and the punctuation. To customize entries in the bibliography for print output, you can use the biblioentry. The list of referenced document types includes monographs booksserials, articles, patent documents, electronic documents, and parts of each. You can create a CSS selector like the following:.


If your document uses a lang other than English, then the generated title is in the appropriate language.

This International Standard specifies the elements to be included iso690.xdl bibliographic references to published monographs and serials, to chapters, articles, etc. Mark up your biblioentry elements using the recommended DocBook elements that the stylesheet recognizes for each type of referenced document.

Customizing bibliography output

There is no easy way to do this now, but you can expect this feature to become available in a future version of the DocBook stylesheets. Soutzikevich Nov 6 io690.xsl at Punctuation and style are not part of the standard; largely, the standard governs content rather than presentation.

ISO governs bibliographic references to published material in both print and non-print documents. If you want a two-column bibliography in print output, you need to create a custom page-master and use it for bibliography in place of the original back page-master, which is also used by appendixglossaryand colophon elements.

This template formats an author within a biblioentry for HTML output. It assumes you are adding any necessary punctuation literally. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top.


The formatting of the bibliography title is handled as part of the general titlepage mechanism in DocBook XSL. The standard specifies for each type of document what information should be included isk690.xsl the bibliographic citation.

ISO – Wikipedia

Karolis Ryselis Karolis Ryselis 2 2 bronze badges. The first edition of the ISO standard ido690.xsl published in Post as a guest Name. Sign up using Facebook. ISO prescribes a referencing scheme with a fixed order of bibliographic elements in which the publication date appears after the “production information” of place and publisherbut it allows an exception for isl690.xsl Harvard systemin which the date appears after the creator name s.

If it is the ISONmerical.


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