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James Maslow James Diamond Gallery Sprites James Maslow Tumblr ml2l7oEdTd1sn7lvjo1 Gender: Male Age: 30 Born: July 16, 1990 Character: James Diamond Occupation: Actor Singer Dancer & Model Years Active: 2008-present

James David Maslow (born July 16, 1990) is an American actor singer dancer & model He is best known for playing the role of James Diamond on Nickelodeon’s Big Time Rush and is a member of the boy band with the same name.

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James &
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He also starred in a episode of iCarly starring as Shane. He’s Appear In, Getaway & The Frozen Ground 2012 2013 2014 & He’s Very Really Hot.

FoxCatcher 2012 Channing Tatum Steve Carell

Life and Career

He is the son of Cathy Burge and Mike Maslow. He has an older brother named Philip Maslow and a half-sister named Ali Thom.[1] His father is Jewish and his mother is Catholic Maslow was raised Jewish and attended Hebrew school six days a week during his childhood.[2] He has described himself as a “religious and spiritual person”.[3][4]

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Maslow was born in New York and raised in La Jolla California. Maslow began training as a singer at the age of 6 when his parents made him sing in the San Diego Children’s Choir. He attended La Jolla and Torrey Pines elementary schools, Muirlands Middle School and San Diego School of Creative and Performing Arts. He had a small role in the San Diego Opera’s production of La bohème when he was 10 years old. He attended acting camp at the La Jolla Playhouse he got his first agent when he was 14 and in high school he starred as Danny Zuko in Grease and as Maurius in Les Misérables. He quit the School of Creative and Performing Arts mid-way through the 10th grade and switched to Coronado School of the Arts.

He made his television debut as Shane in a iCarly episode “iSaw Him First”. Along With Vanessa Hudgens & Selena Gomez Getaway & The Frozen Ground Both We Like He has a scar on his elbow which he received while performing a hockey-related stunt for the first episode of Big Time Rush.

Maslow is Jewish. In an interview with Clever TV when asked his favorite holiday he replied Hanukkah. James is known for being very funny clever and cool. According to his Co-mates he’s an excellent friend. When he is acting he is conceited a player cute and is not very bright but when he is not acting he is generous, cute and smart as seen on “Brain Surge” when he won 1st place and got slimed.

In an interview Maslow stated that he would probably be an architect like his sister if he was not an actor or singer (or if it did not involve so much math).[5]


Little James

Singer dancer Model and actor James Maslow starred in the Nickelodeon live-action comedy series Big Time Rush, as music group member James who has the biggest ego of all his friends and believes that he and the group are the coolest guys ever.

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After moving around in his early years Maslow’s family settled in La Jolla Calif. when he was six years old. Maslow joined the San Diego Children’s Choir igniting a passion for singing and performing. “Some of my favorite memories are singing at the San Diego Padres game with the Children’s Choir and performing in La Boheme with the San Diego Opera” he said. Determined to be an entertainer he transferred in eighth grade to San Diego School of Creative and Performing Arts, despite that it was thirty miles away and he would have to rise before dawn to catch the bus to school and then endure a four-hour bus ride home. He later attended the independent study program at the Coronado School of the Arts choosing the arts over his other great love…football.

Recently Maslow guest starred on iCarly as the cute boy who causes a rift between best friends Carly and Sam when they fight over who saw him first. He also stars in the independent feature film Mean Getaway & The Frozen Ground 2013 Movie.

“Singing is what got me into everything and made me fall in love with this industry” Maslow said. “Both singing and acting are so rewarding that I couldn’t pick between the two.” Thankfully he doesn’t have to choose as his new role allows him to do it all. He adds “The great thing about playing James is that as an actor I get to take it to the extreme. It’s fun to show off when you’re being asked to do that — as my character is completely self-absorbed and is always making a fool of himself.”

When he is not working, Maslow enjoys surfing riding horses and mountain climbing. This past June he climbed Mt. Whitney the tallest mountain in the continental U.S. A singer/songwriter, he also plays the guitar and piano. Maslow also trains in Saito Ninjutsu a form of martial arts his father introduced him to at the age of 10. Maslow used to spend much of his time on the 5 freeway driving back and forth from San Diego to Los Angeles. Maslow lives in Los Angeles California with his dog Fox. He had previously owned a dog named Falco but he passed away at fourteen years old sometime during the making of Big Time Movie.


  • James Maslow’s Twitter @jamesmaslow
  1. James Maslow’s YouTube JamesMaslow
  2. James Maslow’s tumblr
  3. James’ Facebook JMaslowOfficial
  4. James ‘s Instagram therealjdmaslow
  5. Middle Name: David
  6. Date of Birth: July 16 1990
  7. Place of Birth: New York City, NY
  8. Height 6’1″
  9. Weight 175 lb
  10. Nickname JD Jamie Jamez And Iron Man
  11. Favorite Color Green
  12. Favorite Number 12
  13. Favorite TV show Entourage
  14. Favorite Flower Poppy
  15. Favorite Book Ender’s Game
  16. In school he did pretty well and got mostly A’s
  17. Favorite Animal Horse Dog & Snake
  18. Favorite Band Maroon 5
  19. Favorite Song Maroon 5
  20. Favorite Music Artist Maroon 5
  21. Favorite Holiday Hanukkah
  22. Favorite Sport Football
  23. Favorite Football Team Los Angeles Chargers
  24. Favorite Cereal Cinnamon Toast Crunch
  25. Favorite Superhero Spider Man, Iron Man & Super Man
  26. Favorite Pizza Topping Hot Vegetarian Pizza
  27. Favorite Ice Cream Topping Vegan Ice Cream
  28. Favorite Actor Johnny Depp
  29. Favorite Hobby Horseback Riding
  30. Favorite Food California Burrito
  31. Favorite Movie: Zoolander
  32. James has an Alaskan Klee Kai named Fox
  33. James had a 100lb yellow labrador named Falco that passed away.
  34. James has never had braces he’s always had straight teeth.
  35. James wants to be made fun of on Family Guy
  36. James makes great omelets.
  37. He started living by himself when he was 17.
  38. He appeared in the iCarly episode iSaw Him First as Carly’s (Miranda Cosgrove) love interest Shane. Ironically, Miranda appears in Big Time Christmas.
  39. James and also Malese Jow were guest stars on iCarly.
  40. When he was 6 years old he was in a terrible car crash that broke his skull back and a few more bones and almost got him paralyzed but because he was so young, he healed very fast and a few months later he was doing everything that he loves like nothing happened. The doctor was surprised at this.
  41. James Maslow and Carlos Pena have joined Halo(a new app that they discovered)
  42. James has a brother named Philip Maslow (now a doctor) and a sister named Ali Thom. In an interview James said that he would probably be an architect like his sister if he was not an actor or singer (or if it did not involve so much math).
  43. James’ Race or Ethnicity Jewish Russian Irish English, and Scots-Irish.
  44. James named his dogs (Fox and Falco) from characters off of Nintendo’s Star Fox.
  45. He starred as Maze in the Comedies For Kids show WildSide.
  46. He has a crush on Emma Watson he says that her accent is attractive.
  47. He says that he got a peck on the lips in third grade but sixth grade was his first real kiss.
  48. He loves spaghetti.
  49. He started acting when he was ten years old.
  50. He enjoys horse riding mountain climbing and martial arts.
  51. James prefers vanilla over chocolate.
  52. James dated Halston Sage. He confirmed their break up on The Tad Show on Star 999 on May 17 2013.[6]
  53. James used to spend his summers as a kid at a camp called Rawhide Ranch, where he learned to ride and work horses.
  54. James attended San Diego School of Creative and Performing Arts after his dad gave him a choice to either get a horse or go to the performing arts school.
  55. James performed in shows like Footloose and Les Miserables in his past and someday, he’d like to be a Broadway star.
  56. His fav board game is “Risk”.
  57. When he was younger he wanted to be an Architect. His sister went to school for 8 years to study to be an architect. He gave up after seeing all the math’s that went into it.
  58. He said his fav chick flick is Bring it on.
  59. He said another one of his favorite songs off the BTR album apart from Halfway There was Worldwide.
  60. He invented a game on the tour bus called Elevated foot boxing.
  61. He has a scar on his right arm because he was injured during a hockey stunt filming the pilot.
  62. When he was younger he didn’t want to act he wanted to star in rodeos.
  63. He likes Italian food.
  64. He is slightly lactose intolerant.
  65. The craziest thing a BTR fan has ever done is sneak into his hotel room.
  66. James’ older brother Philip was involved in a very serious motorcycle accident that left him in ICU for almost 3 months. He was in a coma for an entire month and has lost some vision in his right eye.
  67. He has appeared in the movie “ The Getaway” along with Selena Gomez.
  68. He competed with Peta Peta Murgatroyd in Dancing With The Stars on Season 18th.
  69. It was revealed on Dancing With the Stars that he was bullied in his youth due to being a bit overweight.
  70. Celebrity Crush: Jessica Alba He Is An Friends Chloe Bridges
  • FilmoGraphy
  • Getaway Max “2014”
  • The Frozen Ground Daniel O’ Brian “2012”
  • Big Time Movie James Diamond “2012”
    • Television
    • WWE WrestleMania XXVIII 28 Himself “2012”
    • Glee Casey “2010”
      • He was invited by a girl with Downs’ syndrome to prom and dedicated his contemporary routine to her during “Disney Night” on DWTS

Official Account

  • James Maslow Facebook
  • James Maslow Twitter
  • James Maslow Instagram

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