Any current dependencies specified in your pom. Google fixed this and Analytics are now reporting Windows 8 correctly: This has been fixed. We invite you to watch this short video to get an initial idea of how to use this functionality. In Alpha2 you had to wait for this to complete in order to see the results. QR Code for easy access from external devices Having the proxy with both ‘livereload.

jboss tools kepler 4.1.0 final

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We now provide a groovy script that pre-caches all JBoss Tools examples and their dependencies for anyone wanting to be able to work offline after an initial online session. And selecting the link: If you need to install Eclipse, you can read this page. The Remove Arquillian Support removes the Arquillian nature, but doesn’t change the project’s pom. You can now see what is going on. This is now fixed. This tool uses JavaScript and much of toold will not work correctly without it enabled.

Make sure you read a yools description of these wizard in Forge What’s New. The file will open in your default Web Browser.

JBoss Tools – Final

OpenShift tools now allow you to specify a github url in the wizard under “Advanced” and OpenShift will clone it to your application git repository and use it instead of the default template. New Hybrid Mobile Project wizard Creates a project structure that is compatible with the cordova-cli projects. Unable to read repository at http: Adapting the Hibernate configurator to these new APIs resulted in incompatibilities with Juno to the extent that it is not anymore possible to support the installation of the Hibernate configurator plugin in Juno.


OpenShift 44.1.0 Client ekpler version 2. You can test horizontal and landscape modes at the same time or view how layout behaves on different devices simultaneously. Joss Tools will look at the pages in the project and provide code assist for all components used in the project. In the last few months we put a lot of effort into the openshift-java-client. Carsten Pfeiffer did an awesome contribution and made this happen.

Alpha4 kwpler as the alpha status indicates, this support is experimental. Please meet our “LiveReload Proxying”: Any current dependencies specified in your pom.

jboss tools kepler 4.1.0 final

Releated to this was that rhc tools version 1. On a somewhat related note, we ensured all JBoss Tools Maven ifnal are fully compatible with the new m2e 1. WildFly 8 support wildfly.

It is equivalent to restarting your server. In order to have an even smoother workflow the application wizard will prompt you if you have no keys on OpenShift yet.

jboss tools kepler 4.1.0 final

We have so much good stuff this time around, it’s hard to cram everything into a readable blog post, so I’ll just present the major features we have here, introduced since JBoss Tools 4. This is a current work in progress with Forge 2, which is now available as finak experimental download for JBoss Tools. Experimental Forge 2 Support The included runtime is now 2.


jboss tools kepler 4.1.0 final

BrowserSim is a mobile web browser simulator, used to test your web pages on mobile devices with a realistic mobile device skin. This new strict tag library validation of components and attributes used in XHTML tolos is disabled by default.

The scaffold wizard now offers the possibility to choose between faces and angularjs.

What’s New in 4.1.0.Alpha1

If your browser does not have the LiveReload plugin, like Safari or you’re using a mobile device, you would normally manually add a livereload. Here you will see list of servers that can be created in the installed Eclipse version.

Jenkins URL and Credentials When you create an application there are cases where OpenShift will give you additional information about your new cartridge.

Start, stop and restart on modules in the server adapter now perform an actual start, toops and restart of the module on AS7 and above.

We are therefore now able to give you immediate feedback while we push to OpenShift.