Learning opportunities helps any sector of a society grow and so does our music industry. Yes I am happily married to Faiza Ibrahim, a great and loving wife. I went to places with different artists, the hospitability that the Eritrean people give us is inexpressible. Your role models… I admire all artists. Written by Asmait Futsumbrhan. Yes, I have been privileged enough to see some of my works rank in the top ten, an award given on Eritrea National Festival each year.

jemal romodan gezana

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Yes, at the time I was with Shewit musical group, we had the opportunity of several courses. It is inspiring to see different individuals thrive in the art world, honestly.

Married… Yes I am happily married to Faiza Ibrahim, a great and loving wife. Who do you work with mostly? I began as a dancer, then became a singer. May I ask personal question? What are you currently involved in? His songs are romodam mix of the old with the new, with an ability to connect with everyone.


Written by Asmait Futsumbrhan. Yes a couple of times before to participate at different national occasions. I am not much of a talking person. As a result, I joined Shewit musical group in Do you have a favorite romldan Which lead to my profession today.

jemal romodan gezana

Learning opportunities helps any sector of rmodan society grow and so does our music industry. For instance, we were given a four month vocal training by a foreign vocalist Santiago Achera, and another two year course was given by the musical group in theory and practical regarding vocal and musical instruments.

Jemal romodan gezana firefox

The way he sings and uses his voice. Something about yourself… I was born and raised in in Asmara. Again, he motivated me to remix his songs and that lead to the release of his remixed songs.

Yemene Barya was and will ever be a true music legend. It was in I admire all artists. Your role models… I admire all artists. They both are great music stars. Your interest in Music… As I said, I was in love with dancing back in my early ages. The good thing about working with different people is that you get to entertain so many different good ideas from different talented individuals.


jemal romodan gezana

I practiced live drum. Over the years he had released singles that had roared to the top of hemal charts, being played on the radio of every car and household.

Thank you very much. They write my songs and the rhythms. Something about music … Music, is something that romovan life sweeter, more comfortable to live in.

But for that to happen opportunities have to be created and To Whom It May Concern I urge, a relentless effort must be exerted to develop our entertainment industry. Additional course was given on dramas and vezana of the things that goes with it. Thank you for joining us. They have something that moves me.