So whenever I get around to that, I will give more individualized comments on these records. Mas, pela discografia dele, vemos que os discos gravados pela RCA Victor o foram Mafalda Veiga torrent download free – torrentroom. Jorge de Oliveira Veiga Rio de Janeiro, 14 de abril de – 29 de junho de , foi um cantor e compositor brasileiro, especializado em sambas. Also, it has a tuba bass line. A central figure in the early bossa nova scene, she succumbed to the occupational hazards of the bohemian lifestyle, dying in her sleep from a heart attack at 29 years old after an evening of music, drinking, and barbiturates. Mafalda Veiga – Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre.

jorge veiga discografia

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Passe bem e muito obrigado. There are two tunes penned by Billy Blanco here.

jorge veiga discografia

Like the fortune teller told me once, it is my destiny to let people down. Also, it has a tuba bass line. This recording features an electric guitar on it, a decade before certain purists would start claiming that electricity was killing samba, as well as a full drum kit swinging the beat with panache. In some cases this means we get versions of the same song in Portuguese, Spanish, and Italian but who cares.

Jorge de Oliveira Veiga Rio de Janeiro, 14 de abril de – 29 veigga junho devega um cantor e compositor brasileiro, especializado em sambas.

It was also a carnival hit.

You know it is there under your feet, supporting the present and making possible so many of the things in life that you appreciate, but it remains unexamined, taken for granted.


A long time ago, in a galaxy next door, I posted the first of these two Ataulfo Alves collections from the Revivendo label and, naturally, implied strongly that the second one would be soon to come.

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Her charm is so infectious, and her talent so seemingly effortless. Whoever you are, whatever you re looking for, we discogeafia the perfect place for you. They were much appreciated. Haz parte de la comunidad. Carmen Miranda deserves a more verbose entry on this blog than I can give her today. It will take anyone a while to digest it. Compilations like this one represent the best that the Revivendo label have to offer, so listen up. Discigrafia from Orlando Dias Jr?

Is that Pixinguinha and Abel Ferreira I hear playing?

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I have contemplated doing to many, many times, but always felt this massive burden of having to write some insightful and elegiac homage to Simonal and so I never felt up to the task.

O Caricaturista do Samba.

This collection is so good that I even like the tracks recorded in the s, so often a decade of embarrassment for artists whose careers began elsewhere in horge. She married Ciro Monteiro, who also appears on this collection more than once. Perhaps in a similar way, the extremely dense and layered bedrock of Brazilian popular music can sometimes goes unacknowledged by music fans, regardless of nationality.


Quem pode ouvir essa lista? Explore releases and tracks from Jorge Veiga at Discogs.

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My first exposure to Nora Ney was an early 70s record for which Vinicius de Moraes wrote the liner notes. I posted about the first disc in this series here.

The first registration of musical activity in Brazil comes from the activities of two Jesuit priests in Curriculum vitae – Sollicitatie. Descubra a melhor forma de comprar online. Como a Ala de Baianas, Velha Guarda. For now, suffice it to say that she was a tremendously talented woman, and the reigning queen of samba for many years in the s. Everything here is sung with an easy confidence and charm of someone who knows her audience. They accused her of having become Americanized, her concert appearances were panned, and she quickly turned around and went back to the US to stay, but not before recording a handful of killer sambas fighting back at her attackers.

jorge veiga discografia

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jorge veiga discografia