A customized IOException to carry detailed native file error information. Removes deletes a file a dataset This method calls the fremove C-library routine. Get an array of strings that represent the environment variables of the current process. Get the process id of the current process. Skip to content United States. This method calls the fseeko C-library routine.

jzos api

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This method calls the getppid C-library routine. ZUtil public class ZUtil extends java.

Developing Java applications to use the JZOS Toolkit API in an OSGi JVM server

This value is undefined if the file is not VSAM. This information is obtained via the fldata C-Library routine The first character of the returned string jzzos be one of the following: SEQ for sequential binary writing.

Here is a link to the utility: Returns the position of apu file. Get the native file’s dataset organization. Tried a lot by converting Bytes to String but no success. Get the number of bytes read or written to the native file. This is the “jobstep name” if running under a proc.


(IBM JZOS Toolkit API)

Madhu July 10, This is a convenience method that simply delegates to PlatformThread. Set the default output encoding for this instance of the JVM. A customized RuntimeException to carry return codes for RAuditx izos.

This class provides conversions from a source Charset Codepage to a target Charset.

jzos api

The latest catalog information will be used to resolve relative GDS references. We are providing a set of helper classes called the JZOS toolkit. Write a record to the native file.

JZOS Batch Launcher and Toolkit

Is there something similar for Java? Madhu October 22, Substitute text for MVS system symbols. Read a record from the file into a buffer. The current Java file encoding can be obtained from the “file.

Defines constants used by MvsConsole and WtoMessage. Implement this interface to control how Jozs operator commands are handled. Only datasets with FB or VB record format are supported prior to version 2.

jzos api

This guide will go through some apj and highlight some of the steps that are needed to deploy Java applications on the mainframe. Answer true if the given DD name exists.


This property has the form: If the dataset name is enclosed in single quotes, then it is already fully qualified.

Warning level logging see setLoggingLevel int. Native method to retrieve the default locale codepage name used by the toolkit native library.

jzos api

Richard Tran November 08, After successful execution getByteCount and getRecordCount will return 0.