He Raniji, gao babot so sidb! We again see the ordinary dens ex machind of Indian folk- tales ; the talking animal that steps in to help the actors in the time of need. Kyflh bo rabe behdl? First lie made three salutations and bowed his head at his feet. Turn kuheko man apue ko rudan karAuti, piyuri?

kaba kumda char mp3

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Thou wast happy with mo, why hold mo mother now y. What is it that thou sayest?

kaba kumda char mp3

Ang bedhang kid sab tan kd, jab raahilon se pag jlhard. A queen gambles with a king for her brother’s head; and the hero gambles with his younger brother for his kingdom and wealth, and then for his body and jewels. Ab tumhari mumtA nahin: She filled a platter with four delicacies and took it in her hand. And thon spoakost unfathomable words: Make thy heart a stone and weep not.


HonhAr so ho cliuki, ab man karo bicliar. O my Lord Guru, prosper my work ; I meditate on thee!

That thou mightest rule thyself thou hast brought me to much trouble! Is in thy hands, my Lord: QAzi mull Ah kare salAm: Mahilon men rahine lag gae, bukm die batde. BA1 bAl moti purove.

Kaaba Kumda Char

I will not now sit on the throne, I am bent on sitting at thy feet. Rani rut am Dai. KyAh phAre sir bal, r?

kaba kumda char mp3

Sabcl NdmdHag Bhairon: A darkness hath fallen on the palace, bow shall I teach k my heart not to grieve? Within the camp of KdnipA ho lighted a huge lire.

I cannot say it. Chit gayd kamlde, arl, main phAr bagdi keshd. Itdni Patam l at. Mukh se bachan sund de sdche; kis kdran tain dyd? Listen tbou wicked maid, I tell thee. Stood before me and fanned me: I would eat food and drink water! O my son Gorakh Ndthwho hath spoken thee evil?


Princess, that 1 go across the ocean. Jald kueh men dal do, jabhi pai-egi chain! Hear, my wise Queen.

Kaaba Kumda Char – Alhaj Muhammad Irfan Haidri | Shazam

From the day that 1 saw thy kuumda I have been entranced with the love of it. As soon as ho gets out, he will turn him into ashes. Kaise parves bo jde?