Kasi Ananthan wanted to dethrone Chelliah Rajadurai at the two-member Batticaloa constituency. Thirty years ago, I spent a pleasant evening with Kasi Ananthan at the Sudar magazine office in Colombo and at one point what he mentioned then is still impressed in my memory. Reproduction of this news item is allowed when used without any alterations to the contents and the source, TamilNet, is mentioned. Then came another MP, Mr. This collection, called Theru Pulavar Suvar Kavikal , contained 28 short verses. It was a favourite derisive word of E. His early verses had shades of famed Tamil Nadu poet Bharathi Dasan , an ardent Tamil activist.

kasi ananthan songs

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Regionalism in Tamil by Kasi Anandan. As such, I refrain from repeating the details noted in that essay.

kasi ananthan songs

He married a qualified nurse from his hometown inand his two teenage daughters are en route to becoming doctors in Chennai. It was a favourite derisive word of E. In his office in Chennai, a portrait of a tiger, the symbol of the LTTE, is hung prominently behind his desk.

Ilankai Tamil Sangam

There are new traitors who advance regionalism. Thus, his poetic arrows were targeted at traitors, collaborators, unsavory social climbers, as well as the powerless masses who danced to the tunes of these social parasites.

Ultimately, Rajadurai — blessed by tricks or luck — won that election inas Kasi Ananthan lost by placing himself third. It provided ample pegs for Kasi Ananthan to eongs fun at Tamil society. With the onset of the ethnic problems in the post-war days, Kasi Ananthan chose to adhere to the Federal Party, led by S.


Eastern poet decries regionalism

Kasi Ananthan had dedicated his first poetry collection, Tamilan Kanavu to C. He was one of the three political prisoners other two were Maavai Senathirajah and Vannai Ananthan who symbolized the change in the traditional Tamil political leadership.

Kasi was part of a peace delegation that met with Prime Minister Rajiv Ghandi. He tried to infuse this change by attempting to oust the veteran FP stalwart of the Eastern Province, C. His canvas was the socialist regime of Madam Sirimavo Bandaranaike during that tortured him.

Thamilar Thaagam – Tamil Eelam Songs

Find this article at: Soon after his release, he went to Tamil Nadu to pursue his studies in Tamil linguistics and literature, and there, at the Pachiappa College, he horned his language and creative skills Professor M. At that time, he was introduced as Unarchi Kavignar Poet of Emotions. Latest 15 Reports I was then a high school student at the Colombo Hindu College, Ratmalana, and occasionally listened to his talks at school during festive occasions.

Excerpts from my letter entitled sonbs Gandhi Assassination:. After elementary and high ananthah education in Batticaloa, Ananthan moved to Madras and graduated from Pachchiappa College, Chennai.

Vinayagamoorthy Muraleetharan KarunaMr. This verse is from personal experience by the poet, during his detention and prison term in Welikade jail. Rajadurai, who initially thundered that there should be a Tamil homeland or Tamil Eelam from Kankesanthurai in the North to Thirukovil in the South.


Kasi Ananthan at 70 ; Poetry and Power

There is empirical research evidence that eminent creative authors tend to have shorter life spans than their counterparts in other creative achievement domains. Have you heard the recent song sung by T. In addition, Arunachalam is known to be a supporter of the LTTE the Liberation Tigers for Tamil Eelam which has been engaged in the militant separatist movement for minority Tamils against the Sri Lankan government since the s.

Kasi Anandan, a well-known poet from the East, said that the more than kaai, fighters from Tamil Eelam who sacrificed their lives in the liberation struggle did not do so for Jaffna or Batticaloa, but for Tamil Eelam.

Nobody loves a loser. Regionalism will not rise again from the ashes. Nalliah, raised regionalism and the Sinhala government in power gave him a ministerial post. Among the 28 verses in this collection, I have translated 7 into English below.

kasi ananthan songs

Arunachalam is also a close ally and generous patron of Kasi Anandan, a Sri Lankan poet who has provided lyrics for many of the songs performed at the TPTIM music festival. The powerful lines of the lyrics are besotting. Poetry of Kasi Ananthan.

kasi ananthan songs

Using wit as a weapon, Kasi Ananthan composed free verses.