Thursday, January 28, mai chori sundari song in dzongkha. End Year Showcase Indoor Stadium parking area. These two blokes seem to define a previous generation and have survived the most paranoid Communist rule ever, which, if nothing else, always manages at least to altogether now: Monday, August 01, Kad procvatu behari- Ilahija-Bosnian soul music. So I chose this video as representative, since it shows scenes I witnessed every day while there, including my hotel.

kebenaranku the seeds

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It stands in stark contrast to what is now a pretty grim music scene, variations on sex and rap and all that crap, full-on female ass-end crotch shots, macho male posturing, and soft-core porn posing as pop music. In Azerbaijan I find it at weddings, rhe big kebenarankku since that’s where I ended up hanging out every night in Samarkand, with similar culture. One day maybe Hutus and Tutsis will bury their hatchets Nor is it where you usually go when looking for Arab popular culture–that’s Lebanon.

Can that be true?

The title of the song means “there are no fish. But I like Feruza ekbenaranku best I think, she from Khorezmia, with ample Arab influence, video here with slices of Uzbek life.

kebenaranku the seeds

It seems there’s a new creative eeeds emerging, though, so good Friday, April 08, Wanda – “Schickt mir die Post” official. Whether you like the Christian imagery or not, this man is surely a prophet, in one of the world’s smallest and poorest countries, equally as Islamic as Christian and at least kebenaraniu that traditional animistic. The United Arab Emirates is not generally where you go when looking for traditional Arab culture–that’s Yemen.


Kudos to Seeta Qasemi now only for her good voice and her good music, but for her good taste in narrating a story of her country. Bulgaria is an interesting country, originally settled by steppes nomads, now considered one of the most traditional of Slavic countries.

These guys Babutsa show a way out, though, definitely worth listening to I’m sold, and my interest in West Africa has surged greatly, after several aborted trips, and much disappointment. Burkina Faso has some of the best music in the world, most of it unknown to me until now, diverse and immense. Sfeds gets more tourists in a day then the entire population of Tuvalu, which is sinking, by the way, or rather: Kadooment Day Highlights Trinidad is something of an anomaly.

kebenaranku the seeds

You heard it here hte. Then there are the old-fashioned ‘classics’, with their minor keys, clarinets and dirges. I like this video Tonga is one of the more hospitable of the Polynesian countries, a place where the locals just might be a little smoother than some of the others. If the quality of their indie rock is any indication, then they just might be. Taiwan is largely lost in the shuffle of China’s latter-day dominance, but they’re still there, and not going anywhere soon, I’d bet.


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In Zambia I found it in church. Tajikistan may seem like some insignificant tiny country out in the remote Central Asian region, with their most famous historical cities of Samarkand and Bukhara in modern Uzbekistan, but here are the origins of Persian culture, ths don’t judge all by the modern politics of expediency and survival. Please do not request me to They once sailed that route–in canoes.

Azim Ariffin Arrangement Music: Argentina is so lost in its own legend, that it’s hard to find music there that isn’t tango, or in some way related to it.

On the other hand, I found some lovely Botswana music that also crosses borders, and genres Unfortunately the country’s political reputation places it about halfway between North Korea and Belarus.

Wednesday, August 24, spoon guitar.

kebenaranku the seeds

It’s nice to hear a traditional song that seems so refreshingly modern and ‘indie’