Under Standing Order No. We have managed to put up schools in places like Naivasha and Nakuru to cater for IDP children where their population does not allow them to go to other schools. That is all I needed to know. I thought that when I talk about transport, funds, providing homes for those whose homes were burnt down and rehabilitating destroyed schools was a specific answer. Due to the noise in the House and the volume of the voice of the hon. Deputy Speaker, Sir, I must emphasize the importance of this Motion. You must tell Kenyans!

kimunya must go

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Ringera told Kenyans what he really meant when he said, and I quote: I sit in the District Steering Committee meetings on og monthly basis, where the issue of IDPs is being discussed and there is no provision from the Government. As I have indicated before my conscience is very clear on the role of Treasury, and specifically myself in this matter. The issue that has been raised about whether the asset belongs to the Government or there was a security, is what I would wish to start with.

The African Executive

Member says that he does not know what we are talking about. People who have stolen public property should actually be taken to court and get jailed, so that nobody else will ever repeat the raping of the economy of this country. Those limunya which do not have vehicles will benefit from that kitty.

In a related matter, I wish not to debate the conduct of the Vice President Kalonzo simply because as you are aware that is a man who follows the wind. Kimunya is innocent and he has proven his case. I have just said that where we have not got the specific information, the District Commissioners DCs have been instructed to give us that information.


That is because, in the first place, hon. In terms of Limunya Limited, I have checked the records. We need to salvage the credibility of our country. I have said that there are people, some in this House; including the Chairman of the Committee on Finance, Planning and Trade who was the Minister for Finance when it came up, who might be able to shed more light for us in terms of who Mobitelea is.

I am not saying that hon. Deputy Speaker, Sir, we want an opportunity as hon. I pointed out that an attempt by the Executive Arm to summon or arm-twist the Chair of the House undermines a very important constitutional principle.

For corruption to end, MPs must go

I stand here with a very heavy heart, because I happen to have shared my education with Mr. Mwai Kibaki, said that any person who happens to be implicated, or in any way seem to have been not clean in Government, should step aside.

kimunya must go

In the privatisation of Telkom Kenya and the Safaricom IPO, unknown to the public, he has only achieved one thing; he succeeded in paying off debts incurred by people who mismanaged a State Corporation in the name of Kenya Post and Telecommunications Corporation, the mother of these two, using public money.

With those few remarks, I beg to move.

Khalwale: Kimunya Must Go, Again.

That is the way we should be taking Kenya. I am asking about food, secondary school going children who are not going to school and about the measures that have been put in place to resettle them, yet he is talking about the Government intention to resettle IDPs in Naivasha.


Part two of the Question is very clear. Is the Minister for Finance kust been censured for his total failure to carry out his portfolio responsibility? Deputy Speaker, Sir, I assure hon.

kimunya must go

I have maintained the position that I am open to an independent inquiry to prove my innocence. I have been a crusader for integrity in this country, starting from the s. We have serious gaps in terms of the equipment and human resources in our various levels of hospitals. Ndung’u is a top-notch professional. I must not close this letter without making this demand – that all laws that support culture of impunity such as section 25A of Economic crime Act must be repealed; that all money swindled in corrupt deals should be recovered; and that President Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila must show leadership by zero tolerance to corruption by sacking Kimunya.

Deputy Speaker, Sir, you will agree with me that, that is a completely different Question from what I was being asked; if the hon. First and foremost, I do not even have the written answer. Probably, that money has been kept in an escrow account and we wonder who partakes of the profits.

Deputy Speaker, Sir, I apologise to the House for coming late.