I may come back to it – haven’t really worked out where I want it to go – and it hasn’t expressed a preference Kingthings Spirogyra I doodle you know I loathe Arial and Times for their ubiquity Annex Lives in the Annex and signs everything Annex, She is a real Earth Mother type – bless her, and constantly plants, fails to water and swears at, and then paints and draws flowers. Please enjoy all your creative work – and if you come up with anything you like, I would appreciate a picture.

kingthings piquenmeex font

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Kingthings Linear K Kingthungs it got sadder ‘cos I was asked for something not so bold – although the light version may end up as the normal weight – later! Kingthings Hand and Hand Light This ofnt based, arrogantly on my own hand writing, when writing up course notes, I thought – hmm, could use voice recognition and a handwriting font Kingthings Eggypeg Gary asked me if there was an easter font to go with Kingthings Christmas – I hadn’t even thought of it so I had a go and enjoyed making this font enormously.

kingthings piquenmeex font

Kingthings Serifique Ultralight This is based on Kingthings Whizzbang – it is actually Anthea’s fault – if you want someone to blame, and it never hurtsshe said, when I showed her kinhthings, -Oh yes, reminds me of those beads you used to get, years ago- – Poppalok beads, I played with them for hours when I was a child – Mum had them in all colours, and some very strange combinations when I had finished!

All fonts at Fonts4Free can be downloaded freely, we do not sell any fonts in our archive.


kingthings piquenmeex font

The decorations really need to be larger than 36pt to show up. I did, it’s two lines up. It is based on Kingthings Calligraphica. Kingthings Chimaera by Kingthings. Kingthings Facetype I made this font having thought of the name – maybe not the usual way to go about font design.

Read more Kevin King kignthings February Hi!

Kingthings Piquenmeex Font Download – Fonts4Free

I painted this font with a Chinese brush and imported the kihgthings mess – it’s been a while since I did any Chinese calligraphy – add that to the fact that I don’t read or speak Chinese Kevin King, Exeter, England. All fonh fonts currently published on my website www. You will need to use Character Map Or the much better Character Map Pro – available free on the webto access the image characters – although they should all be available on standard keyboards.

This is based on characters from the Book of Kells and other calligraphic works. If you need plainer letters to go with it, it is based on Kinghtihgs Willowless, so you can mix it with that I enjoyed making this font and it was one of the quickest to do – i just got completely absorbed by the project.

This font is based on Kingthings Whizzbang – I enjoyed making it so much that I only occasionally had time fonf wonder why The Font Creator Program was struggling – it’s about ten times the size of a ‘normal’ font.

Was originally developed at Art College in – at the time it was called Roxanne and was hand drawn at an X height of about 4 inches – took weeks and weeks!

If all this means nothing to you, I am a Buffy the piquejmeex slayer fan Kingthings Calligraphica Italic Kingthings Christmas Kingthings Christmas – Based on Kingthings Petrock – this is a display font and needs to be used at least an inch high to see any detail.


Oh dear, oh dear. If only it happened more often Kingthings Annex by Kingthings.

kingthings piquenmeex font

I piquenmdex got there in the end. Kingthings Sheepishly I like sheep Kingthings Calligraphica is based on calligraphic lettering hands which I learned at school – a bit of a confusion of different forms that I liked.

Kingthings Pique’n’meex

The fonts presented on this website are their authors’ property, and are either freeware, shareware, demo versions or public domain. Kingthings Chimaera This font is based on Kingthings Hand – I wanted to play with a font to see what i could add in the way of decoration and what it would do to the way the font ‘set’ and the file size Spikeless makes Spike more useable because if you want to actually need to be able to read the lettering, Spike can be a little over the top.

Powered by Blog fontsVersion 1. These are based on a labelling face I found used in a tiny city church in central Exeter – it was in a display case regarding bell ringing. I also grow plants on my kitchen windowsill – whatever comes my way – at present, my favourites are insectivorous plants