This product is doing business as Burgundy in the Highlands, North Carolina and it is a total scam. Many other consumer complaints indicate the same concerns. Was this review …? This place has the worst customer service and their products specifically the eye ointment will leave your eyes burning and the skin dry and peeling. We were not given the amount didn’t take any products. I do not accept this response. They did ship their free additional products which they said they would give if we buy but did not ship the actual products we had paid for.


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Have tried repeatedly by phone and email to contact them, but they do not reply. This so-called company ply there wares everywhere.

L’core stated refund would be processed several times but no refund has been received. Also, I want to let you know there are many stores and pop up shows that are not owned by us, but have a license to sell our products. However, I still need to know how to use emerald and gold collections together. No refund if its sale item. I would say this is a scam!!!! As for the “bad sales people” that you refer to, again that is your responsibility to insure that they are behaving by your standards.

Moreover, we are not responsible for a later purchase you made, directly to that employee who has been let go a long time agosince we had nothing to do in that transaction. Besides the sapphire powder, this cream includes well-known acne-fighting ingredients like salicylic acid, to break up pore plugs; lactic acid, to exfoliate the skin; witch hazel, due to its skin toning properties; and aloe vera extract, to soothe the skin and calm inflammation.


Instead of L’Core it was labeled Santis.

L’Core, LLC | Complaints | Better Business Bureau® Profile

You need to issue an immediate refund and tell me where to send the products. Now they are returning the merchandise for me to reship to a different address.

Want a quote from this business? In addition, the service and products were unacceptable. Lclre has video of herself returning the unopened products, they did not want to take back.

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Bowie, AZ 3 friends 7 reviews 1 photo. From the business L’CORE Paris cosmetics are a breakthrough in the skin care industry that offers a natural selection and a NON- surgical solution to facelifts, eye-lifts and skin rejuvenation. They spoke in Hebrew and I asked if they were from Israel.

I was hesitant because of the cost but I feel the salesperson was so pushy that I finally caved. We are more than willing to work this out, however, we need to be familiar with her transaction.

The Sapphire Peel is great for gentle exfoliation. About Blog Support Terms. Keeping in mind that everyone responds differently to different products, I can lcord say how my skin reacted to L’Core.


A gentleman offered me a free sample of cream but I politely refused as I did not have time to be dealing with that sort of thing lcorr I was on a shopping mission.


Now that should have been a red light. My bad for giving this business a chance, but I hope this helps others to not get duped. The shop they have at the Westgate in Las Vegas is a joke. So walking back to my car, I decided to check out some of the creams that I was previously offered a sample of. I am supposed to lvore from Eli in two to three days. We would like to start with lcor that your purchase was not made at one of our stores, rather than one of our authorized re-sellers.

It looked like white plaster, which means I was walking around the mall with eye plaster after leaving their shop.

Worked in store lcpre what I bought does not work. So the sales guy kept on pressuring me to get him to come over and look at the results. If you are ok with wasting your money for eye plaster then by all means this is the place for you. What he failed to tell me is that the company wont take the product back if it has been opened.