Ear and Hearing , 28 , — Considering LEAF subscale scores from the perspective of clinical experience, summing across the four items in each subscale, ratings less than 5 generally suggest that the individual is average in the area, with no significant problems. Consideration of this manuscript was handled by Co-Editor Susan Easterbrooks and Associate Editor Elizabeth Fitzpatrick with the assistance of three anonymous reviewers. Support Center Support Center. Auditory-visual speech perception and auditory-visual enhancement in normal-hearing younger and older adults.

leewise cognition

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Experiment 2 sought to extend the initial investigation by examining hearing elewise, language abilities, and working memory using a task that is not conducive to verbal coding.

To avoid confounds, however, most of those studies have involved profoundly deaf individuals who came from deaf families, are native users of sign language, and usually attended schools for the deaf. The literature with regard to the effects on visual-spatial cognition of auditory deprivation and the use of signed versus spoken languages is quite large, complex, and at times equivocal for reviews, see, e.

leewise cognition

This result, like what was found for perception, is consistent with that reported in leewisr studies because the conservative thinking style is a type II style.

As a test of visual-spatial processing, the task requires visual feature detection, manipulation of mental images, visual-spatial matching, and visual-spatial construction skills. Both tests yielded proportional scores that were added together to provide a composite passage comprehension score.

Memory is the ability to draw on past experiences to use this information in the present.

Demonstration of Piaget’s techniques with the rhesus monkey

The knowledge of the memory and intellectual styles of those groups is essential to better understand them since, as discussed below, there are conflicting reports in the literature concerning this issue. A threefold model of intellectual leewisf. With regard to the memory condition, there was correlation only with the conservative style.


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Speech production accuracy was assessed using the McGarr sentences to elicit speech samples from the deaf participants McGarr, It requires analysis of interrelationships among designs as they change in a sequence, emphasizing attention to spatial and sequential arrangements of the geometric figures.

Correlation coefficients cognitlon sign language measures and spoken language measures with working memory performance in Leewisse 2. Auditory-visual speech perception and auditory-visual enhancement in normal-hearing younger and older adults. Modality of language shapes working memory: There were no significant correlations between language measures and Corsi block measures for the hearing participants.

Do deaf individuals see better? The 69 hearing participants included 14 who were sign language interpreting students. Those reviews and our xognition discussion pointed out that there are some visual-spatial and haptic-spatial tasks in which deaf usually signing people tend to score higher than hearing people and others in which skilled usually native signers, both deaf and hearing, score higher than nonsigners.

leewise cognition

Among those who did not use CIs, earlier sign language acquisition was associated with fewer difficulties in EF across most of the domains tapped by the LEAF. Annals of Otology, Rhinology, and Laryngology, 92— Procedure Sign language assessment Expressive sign language skill.

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Hearing individuals performed more strongly than deaf individuals on several visual-spatial and self-reported executive functioning measures, regardless of sign language skills or use of CIs. Predicting academic success among deaf college students. The availability of GAMA IQ scores and scores on the three visual-spatial tasks, and Spatial Relations in particular, allows for one other analysis relevant to the failure to find any generalized visual-spatial advantages for deaf participants.


Thus, there is a need for interventions to improve memory, especially in the ADHD group. Taken together, however, the consistency of the results both internally and with regard to other recent studies suggests that the study has moved us forward, toward a better understanding of relations among hearing status, language, and visual-spatial functioning. Participants repeated stimuli in their preferred modality, either speaking, signing, or writing.

In contrast, Mesquita et al.

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The facilitation of picture discrimination after object discrimination learning in the neonatal monkey and probably vice versa Robert R. Memory was negatively correlated with the conservative style.

leewise cognition

Perceptual and Motor Skills63— Metacognition, modality, and the effectiveness of content scaffolding. The test procedure consists of the copy of one of the figures, followed by immediate memory recall. A methodological investigation cognihion Piaget’s theory of object concept development in the sensory-motor period.

The measure reported here is the proportion of phonemes correctly produced.