This game pushes the Saturn, it’s a great showpiece for the system’s capabilities. Page generation took 0. The main issue that can be argued is that it suffered from the circumstances at Compile, where they felt obliged to produce another RPG to compete with other games around this time period. And even though the game is fairly simple, it shows a lot of great ideas that you’ll enjoy – the alternate game style in the prologue, the art gallery with unlockable hidden pictures, the great amount of distinctive characters who temporarly join you along the game, the Special Attack system similar to FF7 limits, but with character specific prerequisites for filling up the meter , and the Puyo Puyo Card Battle minigame all fall under these excellent ideas. It features an overworld map where you can move between towns and dungeons by moving a cursor.

madou monogatari saturn

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The simplicity is a bliss to non-japanese gamers however, as the game is fully playable without any knowledge of the language.

There’s absolutely NO backtracking to artificially lengthen the game, and nearly every new dungeon you encounter presents a unique experience. This can actually create an annoying situation in tight spaces, where you just want to get out but the walls screw around with your movement.

madou monogatari saturn

Thread starter raybon Start date May 15, After his senses are restored, Rulue runs off to see what caused her servant to go berserk. Lagnus defeats his foe, but is ultimately helpless to a surprise portal created by Yoggus. Out of madu the SEGA consoles, this piece of hardware was arguably the console with the most mixed reception. In fact the last boss is about 3 screens high! It’s all great RPG music.


Looking to make a Madou Monogatari Saturn translation patch.

In my humble opinion, this is the best Japanese traditional RPG available for any system, new or old. While the cutscenes are lacking the impact that they should due to presumably cut corners, character portraits and the cutscene illustrations are generally well done and full of personality like you would expect.

I’m not sure if this is where I am supposed to post about this, but, my friends and I run a discord featuring Madou Monogatari stuff and run a site called Puyo Puyo Universe. This alone takes a few seconds to get used to, but what really is bizarre is how you interact with walls. Review by ArmamentArmedArm Reviewed: It’s a joy to uncover a new monogatrai to explore, or a new town, and you’re always wondering what character you’ll get next. See if Yabause or mednafen can play the game.

But enough bitterness about what could have been, on to the game By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. You are commenting using your Facebook account. But the nice ADX music, just plain wierd character designs, and excellent sprite animation will make you forget all of that.

The game begins by showing off Lagnus in his unnamed home worldventuring forth to a tower to combat Yoggus and their zaturn of raging creatures.

Notify me of new posts via email. Arle and Mino give chase, monoyatari her in a cave with another one of the plants. The game gradually guides you across the continent by completing these tasks.

madou monogatari saturn

The most consistent example of this is the dynamic between Arle and Rulue, where at several points their different characterizations bounce off each other. Every character has a voice, they always yell something before monoatari during attacks.


Madou Monogatari

The SEGA Saturn hardware though is not pushed to the limits in any significant way compared to games like Panzer Dragoon Saga or Shining Force IIIbut at the same time the game is perfectly optimized with the limitations of the console in mind. On the other hand, there are some things that may bug you – such as the inability to pick the order of maeou characters attacks. For example, at one point you have a choice to either free Witch or Draco, which slightly alters how the game progresses with the next town and dungeon.

madou monogatari saturn

Unless you have very good memorization skills, you may be forced to draw maps due to the absolutely devilish labyrinths throughout the game. Members Current visitors New profile monogatair Search profile posts. Evidence includes a seemingly incomplete overworld you can explore, and the control scheme being a more traditional digital 8 directional scheme instead of the weird diagonal scheme used for the rest of the game.

Welcome to the best import RPG of all time.

Madou Monogatari (Sega Saturn) – The Cutting Room Floor

It’s story revolves safurn around Arle Nadja fending off a mysterious enemy known as Yoggus with the help of Lagnus the Brave and Rulue. After fighting his way up the tower and slaying the Yogs, he seemingly comes out triumphant, yet severely wounded. This game pushes the Saturn, it’s a great showpiece for the system’s capabilities.