It was late when we got to Dover. Among the occupants of the room was an ill-looking cur, who had shown its wit by taking up its quarters in so comfortable an apartment. He and two friends were returning to town, in an open carriage, from the Priory, Lord Abercorn’s, where they had dined; and as they were waiting for change at a toll-gate, Kemble, to the amazement of the toll-keeper, called out, in the tone of Rolla, “We seek no change ; and, least of all, such change as he would bring us. Good for fevers—sheep sorrel or horse sorrel. Power’s company of actors he most admired, maliciously replied, “The prompter; for I heard the most, and saw the least of him. Omni-bus—to kiss all the girls in the room. I was in a right awkward fix; but bowed to the company, and told ’em, I had either slandered the monkey, or Mr.

map sumatra 18 wos haulin

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The collection happened to be inferior to his expectations, and he said that he had evidently made a great mistake, for that his expression should have been, that they were distinguished for the love of their specie. He had been sent for by a gentleman who had just received a slight wound, and gave his servant orders to go home with all haste hsulin, and fetch a certain plaster.

Some years ago, during a discussion respecting the Bank of Waterford, an Honourable Member said, “I conjure the Right Honourable the Chancellor of the Exchequer to pause in his dangerous career, and desist from a course only calculated to inflict innumerable calamities on my country—to convulse the entire system of society with anarchy and revolution—to shake the very pillars of civil government itself—and to cause a fall in the price of butter in Sumatrw.

Morgan’s astonishment as each lusty Dutchman announced the name of Colonel Shackson, holding up his hand toward the outwitted candidate, and indignantly asking:.

Blunder-buss—two girls kissing each other. Brother Graham, keep tally. Next morning, as they were stepping into their carriage, the waiter said to Stothard, “Sir, do you observe these sumata gentlemen? Well, thinks I, I’m the daddy uv a gal, and begin to feel my keepin’ mitely—I’d rather it was a boy tho’, thinks I, fur then he’d feel neerur to me, as how he’d bare my name and there be less chance fur the Sporums to run out, but considerin’ everything, a gal will do mi’ty well.


A gentleman was speaking the other day of the kindness of his friends in visiting him. What is the difference between an attempted homicide, and a hog butchery? Took tea at Vilamil’s, and danced to the piano-forte. A Western statesman, in one of his tours in the Far West, stopped all night at a house, where he was put in the same room with a number of strangers.

No, I warn’t smokin’, and if you don’t believe me, try this cigar yourself, and see if it aint so. Fulmer’s pocket thermometer, and proceeded over Westminister Bridge to explode the European Continent. If you keep this fact in view, in the case of my client, gentlemen, you will have the honor of making a friend of him, and all his relations; and you can allers look upon this occasion, and reflect with pleasure, that you have done as you would be done by.

map sumatra 18 wos haulin

Judge Jonessumqtra Indiana, who never allows a chance for a joke to pass him, occupied the bench when it became necessary to obtain a juryman in a case in which L——and B—— were employed as counsel. A few days since, as a lady of rather inquisitive character was visiting our county seat, among other places she called at the Jail.

Thicker and faster it came. A Yankeewhose face had been mauled in a pot-house brawl, assured General Jackson that he had received his scars in battle. I ain’t goin’ to begin to do it,” ses I. Lord Holland told, before dinner, a propos of something, of a man who professed to have studied “Euclid,” all through, and upon some one saying to him, “Well, solve me that problem,” answered, “Oh, I never looked at the cuts.

A correspondent from Northampton, Mass.

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Then in rapid succession, followed the war-cries. The waiter tell me, and he laugh at same time, but very civil no less—”Oh, Sir, it is only two of the women what quarrel, and one has given another a box on the ear. Chalmers once entertained a distinguished guest from Switzerland, whom he asked if he would be helped to kippered salmon.


map sumatra 18 wos haulin

Never should have known anything about it, if the man at the wheel had not found his jacket smatra, and the men below had a round turn in all the clues of their hammocks. The sheriff immediately proceeded to look around the room in search of a person to fill the vacant seat, when he espied a Dutch Jew, and claimed him as his own.

A new edition, with illustrations. Hitchcock, du get up, and see what in the world is the matter with Kate, for she is kicking most powerfully. At one of those parties, he was standing in a very forlorn sjmatra, leaning against the chimney-piece, when a gentleman coming up to him, said, “Sir, as neither of us is acquainted with any of the people here, I think we had best go home.

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The other was now to be quieted. He sumatta evidently ill at ease, and had probably heard the reports which were rife in the country relative to the hundreds dying in Mobile every hour from yellow fever. When the great Lord Clive was in India, his sisters sent him some handsome presents from England; and he informed them sumahra letter, that he had returned them an ” elephant ;” at least, so they read the word; an announcement which threw them into the utmost perplexity; for what could they possibly do with the animal?

His peroration was a climax of great beauty. Sheridan was one day much annoyed by a fellow-member of the House of Commons, who kept crying out every few minutes, “Hear! An Attorney before a bench of magistrates, a short time ago, told the bench, with great gravity, “That he had two witnesses in court, in behalf of his client, and they would be sure to speak the truth; for he had had no opportunity to communicate with them!