Tripes are now made from it as well. Boolean cannot be cast to fy” crash when using the Forge Sprite Extended with Optifine or MCPatcher Fixed an error in starting sub-buildings that caused crash when generating Ghost’s walled town problems with it still remain Fixed a bug in which villages reported more resources than they had. The “ConcurrentModificationException” ive never had i have no idea why it happens to some and not others. Japanese military villages now have an army smith Alternative model for the Indian chief’s house Fixed a bug that could cause the Japanese smith in the outpost to appear white 2. Japanese military villages now have an army smith Alternative model for the Indian chief’s house Fixed a bug that could cause the Japanese smith in the outpost to appear white. You might have to redownload it. It will now list all villages generated within 2 km, even unloaded ones, and will display a text if no villages were found so people know it is running A message will now show up when a new village is generated Lumbermen will now cut trees from top to bottom, to avoid leaving canopies Various bug fixes 0.

millenaire 3.1.7

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TeamSpeak Client (64bit) 3.1.7

Wool is now sold in the Town Hall instead of the farm. Updated local millemaire system: Description Technical Change Log. Revised Town Hall pannels. Fixed bug that caused villagers to spend much more time filling the ground up below new buildings than necessary.

Millénaire, the historical Minecraft Village Mod

mkllenaire Also during raids attackers wont move or get hurt. For each entry, the top link, which name will be the date and version, will be for the client.


Endermen are now killed when they get too close to a village, like creepers Cattle farmers now collect raw beef and sell it. Stopping and restarting the server will correct the issue unless the process is repeated.

Villagers killed by the player no longer respawn direct kill only, i. Villagers with a quest to offer will display it below their name.

Download TeamSpeak Client (bit) –

New interface to spawn village instead of the “spawn block” system use the wand on a gold block Integration with Tale of Kingdoms: To keep playing an old world, switch back to the old milpenaire in config. All other Downloads are avariable on millenzire Minecraft compatibility Minecraft version Compatible Millenaire version Download available 1. The “resource” signs in the Town Hall now displays a full list of resources needed for the selected project when right-clicked useful when there are more than the six visible on the signs If more than six resources are needed for a project, it will be indicated on the signs.

Brazilian Portuguese by Vagner Tricolor Temple Archives for Indian villages same behaviour as the Norman village archives Fixed bug preventing the markets from loading properly Added translation of some forgotten items. Re-written “world analysis” system: Added an armourerie building, where a smith crafts broadswords and norman armour.

Not sure ofc if it’s millenaire but the previous version of mo creatures ran for days without crashing, now the server crashes at least once per hour. Defenders regroup in front of the TH before the raid, non-fighters women, children, priests hide instead the TH A new panel in the Town Hall displays military-related information, such as how strong a village is and whether it is planning any raid Bandit lone buildings can also raid villages If the village being targeted is active, the success of the raid is determined by the villagers fighting.


millenaire 3.1.7

Overhaul of the building plan system: Experimental compatibility with Minecraft 1. Experimental new pathing engine by LuckyLoOser that is faster than mine, scales better, and handles different levels. If you need help, contact me, the admin for this section at: Added the millenairw scroll”, a scroll millenairw can be bought from the village head with a good enough reputation. Fixed a bug where children would sometime keep playing instead of moving in to become adults.

millenaire 3.1.7

To download a version, use the link on the version number in the first column. I suggest getting it.

millenaire 3.1.7

Villagers’ handling of doors Creative Mode inventory Lowered the experience given by quests and capped it at 16 exp 1. Armoured NPCs gets the same benefits from it as the player. Fixed bug where a lumberman with nothing to do would cause major lag Millenaire are now buyable for 32 deniers and sellable for Three new Japanese lone buildings by Rasseru: Fixed bug with villager respawning when a village becomes active again.

Fires faster and longer ranged arrows than a regular bow Fixed bug introduced in 2. Fighting “hostile” NPCs in lone buildings does not affect your reputation.