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Welcome or Welcomed | Spanglers – General Blog News
Welcome or Welcomed | Spanglers – General Blog News

After somebody thanks you, the right phrase is “you’re welcome,” not “you’re welcomed.” Within the earlier instance, welcome is used as an adjective. Welcome may also function a verb (We welcome the summer time!) or as an interjection (Welcome!), normally acknowledged when greeting somebody.

Welcome as an Adjective

As an adjective, welcome means needed, appreciated, or pleasing.

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Within the phrase “you’re welcome,” which is what you say when somebody thanks you, “welcome” is an adjective.

Welcome as a Verb

When used as a verb, welcome retains the identical that means; to welcome one thing means to greet it or to obtain or settle for it with pleasure.

Welcome as an Interjection

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Interjections are phrases we use to precise shock, anger, or different forms of feelings. Welcome could be interjection when you use it to greet a visitor. You utilize it the identical manner you’d use “howdy.” The distinction is that “howdy” is impartial and “welcome” is heat and welcoming.

You Are Extra Than Welcome

Typically, if you wish to present somebody that they’re actually welcome, you would possibly use the phrase “you might be greater than welcome” or “you might be very welcome.” These phrases comply with the identical guidelines described above—the right kind is welcome (not welcomed).

Welcome vs. Welcomed: Examples

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