Bug Very long database names in queries could cause the server to exit. Bug Within a stored program, memory allocated to hold condition information was not released until program exit, leading to excessive memory use. This issue could cause an assertion error in debug builds: Bug The configure. Sign up using Email and Password. On Microsoft Windows with CMake 2.


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Within a stored program, memory allocated to hold condition information was not released until program exit, leading to excessive memory mysql-5.5.299.tar.gz. An online DDL operation for anInnoDBtable incorrectly reported an empty value ” instead of the correct key value when it reported a duplicate key error for a unique index using an index prefix.

Repeated execution of a query containing a subquery that used MAX could result in increasing memory consumption. This bug was introduced by Bug On Microsoft Windows with CMake 2.

The timing values for low-levelInnoDBread operations were adjusted for better performance with fast storage devices, such as SSD. Following an insert into a nontransactional table that failed due to insufficient disk space, the server did not properly mysql-5.5.29.tar.zg up all pending events, leading to an assert or possibly to other errors. How do we handle problem users? This fix reduces the excessive locking by releasing the locks of unmatched rows. Or should I select the generic download?


Bug Granting or revoking the PROXY privilege caused the server to exit if the server was started with –skip-name-resolve. To work around this issue, reduce the specified length of the primary key to less than 1K bytes.

If a transaction was started with a consistent snapshot, then new indexes were added to the table while the transaction was in progress, a subsequentUPDATEstatement could incorrectly encounter the error: Improving the question-asking experience. Unicorn Meta Zoo 9: When an auto-increment column used aFLOATorDOUBLEdata type, if the auto-increment value became very large larger than the maximumunsigned long longvaluesubsequent inserts could fail mywql-5.5.29.tar.gz cause the server to halt.

The error message was improved for the case where an UPDATE failed because the row included several BLOB values greater than bytes each, causing the size of a row to exceed half the myqsl-5.5.29.tar.gz size. Changes in MySQL 5.

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Bug The thread cache implementation worked in LIFO rather than FIFO fashion and could result in a thread being denied service although this was a remote possibility. However, CASE expressions did not handle switching data types after the planning stage, leading to CASE finding a null pointer instead of its argument.


What is the difference between mysql Perhaps Ubuntu is considered similar to Debian so thats what I should choose? Post as a guest Name. You may have to remove the version of MySQL that came with your ubuntu installation.


Please explain how I choose from these remaining options? Bug Within a stored procedure, executing a multiple-table DELETE statement that used a very long table alias could cause the server to exit. Bug Very long table aliases in queries could cause the server to exit.

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Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Row size too large. BugBugBugBugBug Well, I have some advice for you. Is there a reason you need the specific build version 5.

Database Administrators Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for database professionals who wish to improve their database skills and learn from others in the community. See also BugBugBugBug It only takes a minute to sign up. I would like install MySQL 5.


After a restart, MySQL could crash after reading the corresponding secondary index page.