Yamato signals Naruto, Sakura and Sai to appear on the bridge. Sakura and Naruto come down hard at Sai for making fun of their former teammate, Sasuke. September 15, [15]. Archived from the original on August 25, Naruto is angered with Sai for not acting as a comrade would, but resolves to work together with him to get Sasuke back.

naruto shippuden episode 40 animepremium

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Meanwhile, Yamato remembers Jiraiya speaking 400 the appearance of number of tails on Naruto during their training, and had specifically warned of Naruto’s Four-Tailed transformation.

The majority of Orochimaru’s attacks prove to be ineffective against Naruto, but he still manages to keep up with Naruto with his Regeneration Jutsu.

naruto shippuden episode 40 animepremium

Naruto, still recovering from the effects of his Four-Tailed state, is told to stay behind by Yamato. In the hideout, Kabuto locks Sai in a room, and the latter summons a bingo book of the same information in the envelope.

Naruto: Shippuden (season 2) – Wikipedia

As Naruto wakes up, Sai remembers what he wanted to draw in the middle pages of his picture book: July 28, [15]. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Later, Sai goes on a mission with his team, having come to see them as his friends. Sai enters Sasuke’s room and wakes him up.


naruto shippuden episode 40 animepremium

Naruto is shocked to know this and condemns his own actions. Yamato and his team enter Sai’s room and confront him.

April 28, [15]. Just as Sai finds Sasuke with his ink rats, Yamato finds Sai’s bingo book and realizes Sai’s actual mission upon finding Sasuke listed as a target for assassination. This Amie is licensed and voyage by Funimation and Crunchyroll.

naruto shippuden episode 40 animepremium

Once outside, Naruto informs Sai about his bonds of a brother with Sasuke and about how far he would go to bring Sasuke back. However, Sai, wanting to learn epiosde about his own bonds with his deceased brother through Naruto’s bond with Sasuke, betrays Kabuto and aids Yamato in his capture.

Naruto Shippuden Live

Collection – Volume 4 – DVD”. There, Sai confronts a shadowed Sasuke, realizing that this is the man whom Naruto and Sakura have been searching for. Recent Comments Kigajar on Naruto shippuden episode 40 animepremium. Anime and manga portal. Inside the house, the team formulates their plan of capturing the spy. June 23, [15]. Collection shippuddn Volume 5 – DVD”. Finally, the new Team Kakashi sets off on their new mission to capture and intercept the spy in Orochimaru’s subordinates, and gather information about Sasuke Uchiha.

Later, just as Choji agrees to help Naruto, animdpremium two and Shikamaru are attacked by Sai.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In KonohaKakashi Hatake rests in a hospital, while Sakura Haruno tells Tsunade that the deceased Akatsuki member Sasori told her that he was supposed to meet a spy within Orochimaru ‘s ranks at the Tenchi Bridge in ten days’ time. However, Naruto tells Yamato he is fine and the trio continue to follow Sai. Despite animeppremium fact, Naruto still despises Sai. The season narjto three musical themes for one opening theme and two ending themes.

Naruto: Shippûden Season 20 Episode 40 Watch Online | The Full Episode

Wild” by Matchy with Question? August 25, [15]. Naruto Shippuden Voyage Please scroll down for pas choosing, si you. But she is still forced to compromise with the Foundation’s leader Danzo Shimura in having Sai made episose member to Team Kakashi.

The real Sai emerges from the ground and gives Orochimaru a letter from Danzo.