How did you do it? It is Ubuntu based and Ubuntu is incredibly no-brainer for people to use. My preference for running multiple OS is to choose the “base” system and run everything else in vmware. If required you can also choose to format these partitions. In this case the dialogue above would look like this note that the screenshot below is still from the 0. With this option the only thing you will have to do is to specifiy how much hard disk space you want to dedicate to Navigatrix:. He doesn’t do Windows at all and I keep up with Windows applications so thus, use Windows on two of our computers.

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This can be done with options 1 and 3 navvigatrix the image above. We will therefore only illustrate its use by walking through a simple installation example which should be sufficient to get you started. I agree that you can get pretty far with normal Ubuntu and downloading OpenCPN and stuff, although I did need to go to the command line a little bit to get my GPS puck working when I did it that way.

I downloaded Ubuntu on my computer directly from their site without wiping out my OS–it simply installs a nice boot loader and Ubuntu runs in a file in the Windows file system which the Ubuntu linux OS perceives to be a disk drive.

Originally Posted by OR Please help with more information. If naviagtrix are in range of a wireless network you will next be asked whether you want navigatris connect to that network during the installation.


Configuring and Customizing Navigatrix

The interface logic is similar to Windows XP or later: One of Navigatrix strength is that it just works out of the box, without the need for constant updates and patches.

Originally, navigatrix would have been a female navgatrix. I use Linux Mint based off Ubuntu Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Once you have set up the required partitions and selected Something else in the form above, you will nabigatrix the following dialogue:.

Its developers describe it as one of the fastest, most efficient and versatile Linux-based operating systems for navigators and cruisers. The next columns simply list the package name, the installed version in case the package displayed is already installed on your machinethe latest available version in navigahrix repository, and a short description.

With all of the perverted fetishes on the web, you wouldn’t think this would be so difficult to find a picture of.

I’m really glad the Cruiserlog member Gone Troppo has loaded Navigatrix and finds it useful. Under option 1, Install Navigatrix alongside themthis all you will have to do here and you can continue with step 4 below. A wnbi installer is indeed a very low risk install for Windows users.

A Short Introduction to Navigatrix

See this post on the Navigatrix discussion board for further details. The versions of the various pieces of software that together make up Navigatrix have been carefully chosen to make these pieces work together and interface with external devices such as GPS, Pactor, and AIS.

I thought she was that gal on the forums here who got kicked off the cruising boat in the DR by the skippers wife. GRUB then asks you which operating system you actually want to boot Windows or Navigatrix and launches the operating system of your choice.


However, in most cases you will want to install Navigatrix alongside an existing operating system e. All of these will all look familiar to Windows users. OK, maybe not so cute!

Installing Navigatrix — Navigatrix documentation

There are a lot of examples of this type of setup. How did you do it?

Navigatrix is a free and open source operating system that comprises of various electronic software designed for communication, navigation, information and security, which you can use on shore, offshore, or at anchor. The figure below shows an overview of how the different bits and pieces interact in this context.

Installing Navigatrix Version 0.4

With great power comes great responsibility. Join Date Mar Posts 5, Join Date Jul Posts If you enter your choice of password with the installer assuming a different keyboard layout, navigatriz may not be able re-create the password later.

So it would seem that most folks can figure out which serial port is being used by Wine nzvigatrix the radio and then assign a different one for OpenCPN if that is what Navigatrix is doing automatically for a person, isn’t that sort of a one-time figure it out thing?

Thinking of giving this a try: Note that the numbers in front are simply line numbers that are not part of the script.