TheBeast and XlegitXcrazymanX like this. It’s the best known hacked client there is for minecraft. RobotA69 , Dec 22, I use nodus just because it updates the fastest. LEOcab , Dec 21, I love dat hack.


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This would be better titled as a request for people to just stop noodusgriefing for this. Nodus hacked client 1. To say that devs should just stop trying to think of new ways to do something is very bad indeed.

Well of course you can’t nodusgrieflng stop hackers, but you sure can make their lives a lot harder. People make bad stuff, the good guys patch it.


Do you already have an account? NickbbeezyDec 22, Not sure if this belongs here, but this is my rant about people who post about Nodus or plugin requests for “No Nodus”. By the time that’s done, worse stuff is out there.


NewTendo More Anoying then U. Your right, you cant fully block griefers, but why stop?

Nodus griefing! – Small server rollback

Log in or Sign up. I love dat hack. No, create an account now. DantaeusFeriluce No good English.

Devs: You can stop trying, you cannot block against griefers. | Bukkit Forums

Share This Page Tweet. Your nodusgrlefing or email address: Am I the only person who doesn’t know about or use hacked clients on Minecraft?! GravityDec 21, RobotA69Dec 21, Its a vicious cycle, but by trying you are at least stopping a good percentage of bad guys.


Well A nodusgriffing called well i forgot but it Detects if someone is hacking not if they have a hacked client and the server has it i think And Nodus can SpamXrayFreecam ,ect. NecrodoomDec 22, The only good side of Nodus I really see is possible for admins and moderators.

Threaded Mode Linear Mode. Last edited by a moderator: LEOcabDec 21, And it changes npdusgriefing minecraft picture when you start up. MysteryManXDec 21, TheBeastDec 22, Im not fully sure what Nodus does, but I’m pretty confident that it does not help the server Here is a screenshot of one of the players claiming to have it.


[Info] Wheres Nodus Griefing? – MPGH – MultiPlayer Game Hacking & Cheats

You can stop trying, you cannot block against griefers. You must log in or sign up to reply here.

Is there a plugin that can detect this?