The N5 doesn’t seem to be able to switch from Ethernet to USB mode on the fly, by the way if you want to connect it via USB you have to power it down, plug in the USB cable then power it back up again. You will not need to put electrical tape on the front of this box to protect your sanity from assault by intense twinkling lights in your peripheral vision. I tried the USB 2 connection next. Page 28 Add account Enter user managementAdding to add new account, password and accessing permission. Safety Instruction Please read these instructions carefully before using this product, and keep this page for future reference. Page 9 Multimedia Server iTunes Server 1.

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There’s an officially – sanctioned but not-very-popular movement to fix this problem by changing the prefixes.

Guide for Quick Installation of N5 Thank you for choosing this product. Please read these instructions carefully before using this product, and keep this page for future reference.

Comments to this Manuals Your Name: I imagine the answer is “quite”, but I did not find this perversity sufficiently arousing to attempt it. Super useful feature that.

Picked it up cheaply recently. Having the entire internet be able to hack into my storage. The only real purpose of the setup software, if you’ve got an existing network with a DHCP server on it, is to make it easy to detect what IP address the Noontec box has grabbed. Oh, and the designers of this box chose to use a dim blue LED, instead of another of the billion-lumen room-illuminators that usually get stuck on the front panels of computer hardware.


For network file storage the N15 uses the standard Microsoft SMB protocol and should therefore be accessible by all but the most perverse Macs and Linux machines, as well as every remotely recent flavour of Windows.

One is through web method to add seed to this device, after the seed added well, this device will automatically do BT download. And rebooted the thing! Then it was time to set up SMB.

N5 Firmware V & Setup | Hersheng Corporation Sdn Bhd

This means hopefully this is the last manual firmware update you need to do. Network access to the contents of a large hard drive. Leave a Comment Click here to cancel reply. Page of 43 Go. So now I can check off item one on my list, and all it took was manual network routing and byte-for-byte packet inspection.

Noontec Giga Link N5 Manual

The name may be silly, but the boxes themselves work great, provided you remember to back up your important data. The other way is through copying the seed file to BT monitor list, and then this device will automatically download the file.

NAS enclosures have to be noontwc, vendor-software riddled, woefully inadequately secured boxes of crap before anyone will sell them.

They use the SI metric prefixesbut one megabyte is two to the power of twenty, 1,, bytes rather than a million bytes. Hard drive preparation and installation Please select the proper hard drive according to your purchased product, and follow the manual instructions to install the hard drive. But without your post, I would never fix spftware problem with the static IP.

Review: Noontec GigaLink N5 network storage box

Noontec keep the N5’s price down by not bundling it with a pointless setup mini-CD with an old version of the software on it. Do not place sodtware product on an unstable surface in case of breakage from dropping. Network setup It assembled fine, so I powered it up and connected it to my network. The minimalist front panel has one tiny LED, that glows blue most of the time, and orange if it has something to tell you.


Please maintain a steady temperature in the environment softwsre which this product is used and placed. This device adopts the newest network subsidiary storing techniques, which supports WEBDAV service to let you remote access through network browser or WEBDAB application software installed in mobile devices or upload your photos and other multimedia files to this network device at anytime and anywhere.

The Noontec N5 does everything most people – which softwarf to say, I – want from nontec single-drive noonec storage box. Software update Through update this device software to get new functions. The best part about this update over the stock firmware is that it includes an online firmware update function. If missing, please contact with your agent immediately to guarantee your interests. In the real world, other stuff happening on the network and participating computers while you shift files to and from a box like the N5 can substantially reduce transfer rates.

Reading them back again was, again, much better;