Common proxy scripts return or -1 instead of positive values for certain services. Unable to install eDirectory with relative path. Managing large quotas results in iManager 2. CRL Extend Validity enhancement for pki plugin Workstation join fails to join DSfW domain with libdsearch-plugin. OpenSSL needs to be updated in client for important security fixes When a LUM enabled eDirectory user performs backup from a posix filesystem, but does not have sufficient rights to that posix file ststem, this will result in a segfault of smdr.

novell oes 11 sp2

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Registry noevll on Windows after using eDirectory patch 3 NetWare and OES both include two-node licenses for Novell Cluster Services, allowing basic clustered environments to be created without additional licensing charges.

novell oes 11 sp2

Skip auto dismount of ncpcon and nss volume if the manual command is present in unload script. Don’t show this message again. Request for empty API’s for monitoring oez eDirectory 8.

Pricing is typically not altered by physical CPUs or the use of hardware virtualization technologies e. When a LUM enabled eDirectory user performs backup from a posix filesystem, but does not have sufficient rights to ssp2 posix file ststem, this will result in a segfault of smdr.


Default password policy not properly configured. Upgrade hangs during schema extenstion on Windows R2. Incorrect translations used in clustering.

novell oes 11 sp2

Index type for ldapAttributeList is moved to System without modification. Information related to the snapshot feature must be removed from the help and man pages.

SUSE Support

When adding drivers on a Windows X32 OS an error message is displayed that iPrint Client is not installed even if the client is installed. Event log entries button is not setting properly at the end of the page while more log entries are listed.

Socket leaks in eDirectory? Authenticated administrative users can download the arbitrary files from the Access Manager administration interface as “novlwww” user. The visibility right on the parent directories is preserved until sp file or directory is purged. Links in the Search Results page for a few non-English file names are not working.

novell oes 11 sp2

Bastiaansen, Rob; Sander van Vugt User name mismatch errors appear in cifs. Directory Quota free space reported incorrectly. NetWare server reboots cause 8. Placeholder novel, regarding 3rd party vendor problems following tsands branding change. Tracker bug for the fix of VUL Running repair nw addresses on Win writes IPv6 link local addresses to the referrals Password expired message returned when user enters bad but not expired password LDAP search with server side sort control succeeds even when ep2 does not have access to the sort key on some objects.


Server becomes unresponsive randomly and ndstat does not come back Hard link upgrade fails on a specific volume.

Patches released for Open Enterprise Server 11 Support Pack 3 (OES11 SP3).

Ldap search with both paged results and novwll control returns no values The RegEX validation on multivalued attributes is applied to the wrong attributes. Page – Zlib-devel and zlib-develbit Package Unable to online the resource after DST is configured. Conflict of command line option with suse: AFP hangs while waiting for data from the client forced core.