They are next washed well in water and then stained in a 0. A plausible hypothesis is that an additional emission mechanism is producing the excess UV emission. Image superposition lo enhance the signal level is needed for accurate radiometry because of the small telescope aperture. It is very evident from the nature of the study, as well as from the historical notes which have been presented, that an analysis of the modern work in plant diseases indicates several important aspects, which may be grouped in the following category: By using this criterion, the region defining the plume central region is depicted in Fig. A sterilizer may be arranged more or less after this pattern, but with particular reference to the conditions at hand. J,, where R is the range to the source and is the pixel field of view.

nthka 0.2

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For ordinary purposes with fungi it may be enough to use the litmus paper test, but special methods of neutralization are essential in the most careful work either with fungi or bacteria.

This is then wet with water, hot water being preferable, as cold water does not wet it so readily ; and enough water is added to make the meal quite soft, since considerable water will be absorbed during sterilization. These two different perspectives show that the trackei is biased approximately half a pixel in Y with an elongated scattering in the X direction that o. No method is satisfactory unless every precaution is taken to have i the cover slips thoroughly clean ; 2 the organism from a young twelve to twenty hoursvigorous culture, on a suitable medium ; and 3 the bacteria evenly and thinly disposed upon the slip.

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The spectral values were also integrated over the nominal filter bandwidth to obtain radiance and radiant intensity values. Afterwards they may be permanently sealed by slight pressure with scalpel or needle. It will be readily suggested to the student that plant products of various kinds may be roughly grouped into such as are rich in albumens, starches, sugars, etc.


Special acknowledgment is made to Mr. A vertical dashed line illustrates the central region size used in this report. They revolve around a number of questions concerning plume radiance, spatial extent, temporal variability, and spectral shape of the UV emissions This base of UV radiometric data is the foundation for further analysis to provide refined interpretations and evaluation.

Therefore, the spectral distribution of incident photons is needed to provide the appropriate weighting at each wavelength within the passband of integrated response Since the spectral shape is not known from the data, a spectral shape must be assumed to determin this weighted distribution.

nthka 0.2

In order to make these isolation cultures, one requires nutrient media and apparatus more or less as follows: This mixture is not convenient to handle but is very effective. As opposed to the plume camera, the tracker camera signal-independent noise is not negligible, and the improvement in sensitivity is not linear with the num.

UVPI ground-based beacon Orbit number: It is this mist of oxidized aluminum particles or droplets that emits much of the UV radiation seen by UVPl in the plume central region This mist is optically thin. As is well known, when one is careful in making the medium a single sterilization of half an hour is usually sufficient for tubes of agar, if the apparatus has not become infested with particularly resistant spores.

The horizontal line corresponds to the NER sensitivity limit after image superposition. This object is brighter than and quite distant from the rocket plume.

nthka 0.2

The following discussion is based on empirical estimates of the signal and noise within the UVPI cameras as opposed to a theoretical discussion. A great time-saving convenience in sterilization is to be found in the use of the autoclave, or steam Fig.


It 00.2 required in order that definite standards may be maintained.

Reference 1 provides additional information used for radiometric calibration. If material is ntka in from 96 per cent to absolute alcohol, it may remain at this concentration for from twenty-four to thirty-six hours, and then, if storage is desired, it should be passed back to the weaker grade mentioned.

nthka 0.2

Rice Blast X. It is seldom necessary to leave cultures, or the agar employed in cultures, in these dishes until the medium becomes hard and dry. The assumption that this object is incandescent material ejected from the rocket nozzle cannot be convincingly supported from the observed data.

They may then be stained in the anilin-gentian violet of Ehrlich and 02 surplus stain washed out in water, 50 per cent alcohol, or acidulated alcohol.

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A normalized version of the ground-beacon image. Practical pathology and disease control. Hence, an average of superposed images a composite image is 00.2 to define the plume central region extent.

Other Species X.

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When melted to the carrier careful orientation is given. The Company is responsible for the adequacy and accuracy of the disclosure in the nthkz. This use of fungicides may take the form of disinfection of the seed or of propagative parts, the application of reagents to the soil in order to prevent the growth of the fungus in the vicinity of the host plant, or the application of fungicides to the aerial vegetative portions of the host, which is commonly accom- plished by the operation of spraying.