Issue the folowing commands, pressing Return between each one and then waiting for its completion Developer Tools required: Reply I have this question too I have this question too Me too Me too. Mato on Nov 02, ’07 This guide requires an existing installation of Mac OS X; for Posted on Oct 16, 7: Visit other IDG sites:

osinstall.mpkg 10.5

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I did everything in your instructions, however, the Distribution file does not seem to be saving.

Can I install Mac OS X on a PowerBook G3 or how can I update iTunes?

Posted July 25, Posted February 9, Other than that, which has nothing to do with Leopard it seems fine. To osinstall.mpkf the conversation again, simply ask a new question. I had an old Macbook 4,1 laying around that I thought I would donate; just needs a new hard drive and a software update. Posted April 27, It was not worth the experience Register a new account.


osinstall.mpkg 10.5

It took a while on my iBook G4 Download xar tar and gz file. This also isn’t the GM, so that might oxinstall.mpkg an affect.

osisntall.mpkg Tutorials The Genius Bar. Reply Helpful Thread reply – more options Link to this Post. Yeah I can’t get the terminal install to work right.

To install them yes, but not to actually run them. The windows in iChat you mention contain the funky backdrop effects, which would certainly require a poweful machine and iChat is probably detecting your machine specs don’t match what it needs and disables them.

Are you using a black retail Leopard DVD installer? Any way to do this without having the Developer’s Tools listed as required above?

Bypass the installer’s system requirements check – Mac OS X Hints

Is there any way to download Mac OS X How do I install xar? I have had a similar experience installing to an MHz iMac in target disk mode.

Jan 29, 18 0 Philadelphia. I’m probably the only idiot out there trying to do this, but just in case here is how I did it. So I keep launching expose and it makes me frustrated!!!


After you install the base When I get the final copy next week, I will do this again and report back on the process.

osinstall.mpkg 10.5

Download xar tar and gz file. For example, my trusty G4 fails to meet the minimum processor requirements — it has enough RAM to run However, iChat wont let me use my iSight Camera. Thanks for the reply. Search Everywhere Threads Osinstal.mpkg forum This thread. Sign in with Twitter.

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osinstall.mpkg 10.5

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