Monday 1 April Tuesday 20 August Each member and their voice carry the same importance. And finally Pinback-like guitar work is added to the mix. Find all that after the jump. Wednesday 22 May

our love by seryn free mp3

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Wednesday 22 May Sunday 4 August Monday 10 June One is not complete without the other. And finally Pinback-like guitar work is added to the mix. Saturday 18 May Chelsea – violin, percussion, loge bird chirps.

Julian Werner The commercial of the saint archer brewery brought me to this amazing band. Monday 29 April This album is really one of my top favorite albums of all time. Friday 12 April Wednesday 28 August ,p3 When listening to the well layered textures of guitars, ukulele, accordion, bass, viola, banjo and various percussion, it’s hard to imagine This Is Where We Are is the band’s debut effort.


our love by seryn free mp3

Monday 22 July Aaron – bass, trumpet, cello and bear roars. Thursday 25 July Wednesday 1 May He was the King of Kick. It’s not often that a band without a record out is able to play so many great bills and sold out shows.

Wednesday 14 August Saturday 28 September Tuesday 2 July sedyn Tuesday 11 June Thursday 1 August Friday 23 August If you like Seryn, you may also like: Tuesday 7 May We anxiously await the release of the new E. Come on down and check out Hosannas on Monday night at Muddy Waters. Thursday 11 July On first listen, a few of the tracks When We Were Young in particular are such shameless hussies that they will immediately hy you by the feet and hips and get you moving.

our love by seryn free mp3

Saturday 10 August Wednesday 24 April Tuesday 9 July The band played its … read more.