This doesn’t include all the hours I donated to manage the PanoTools group over the years or the time spent building the group site. Please stop this and show some respect for the rules that are in place. For example Mercator or Transverse Equirectangular. The other are causal visitors that lurk in the background. I can almost warm up my coffee and return to my desk before pages load. Visitors to the linked resources can decide the value of each, but it is not reasonable to try to assert who is official and who isn’t here.

panoguide panotools

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I am glad he likes panogukde Tutorial! While it is possible to create panoramic and stitched images without a panoramic tripod head, the results are much more consistent when using one.

panoguide panotools

I don’t know how long you have been a member of the PanoTools group but when Helmut’s list shutdown the PanoTools list I created as a backup was activated in April of Even if there was a fair amount of info to not classify that article as a stub WP: This is a free automatic controlpoint generator which can be used alone to stitch images or together with PTGui – PTassembler or Hugin.

Some days before he started to copy articles from this wiki thereby deleting the history, which is a clear violation of the authors copyright and of the GFDL Paragraph 4. It is not possible to see how many members are subscribed but I guess not more than Retrieved from ” https: With this virtual tour software, you may make fullscreen virtual tours with interactive multiple maps,hotspot, radar, walkthrough, audio, video, dynamictext, etc dding sound.


Recentchanges Last changes today with newly copied articles from.


Standalone, fast Windows native codescriptable panorama viewer. Occasionally I will add articles in the blog noise section, usually related to my vr practice.

panoguide panotools

This is an encyclopedia, not a forum for you two to bicker. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top.

Talk:Panorama Tools/Archive 1 – Wikipedia

Try to keep messages in their related conversations also. Canon Photostitch is a free simple cylindric stitcher which is included on the CD if you buy a Canon camera.

Use an ultra-wide angle fisheye lens that allows you to capture at least degrees vertically Shoot more than one row of pictures Use a 14 or 15mm wide angle lens in such a way that you can add “up” and “down” shots The last two options above are really the same thing – just because you shoot more than one row of images does not mean each row has to have the same number of images.

Remove ALL copyrighted material before adding your link to the Wikipedia.

I offered the Google Groups list to the NG group to be used for member beta testing and I was ban from the group when handing over the ‘keys’. Panorama Tutorials by Rosauro. Panpguide Panoramas with PTGui and Panotools We will now create a panorama by using 5 photos, shot handheld in portrait mode. Download Enblend at panospace. You will have plenty of time to redo what I post.


I never made a post to this public list and didn’t break any Yahoo group rules.

Each cube face will be a rectilinear panorama, as indicated by ‘f0’ above. Digital SLRs generally have more options for white balance, mirror lockup, etc… pwnotools more choices, the better!

PanoTools mailing list archive

So people keep deleting the links to the mail list, wiki, and main news pxnoguide of the Panotools. Supported panorama types include spherical panotolscylindrical and flat rectilinear.

DeFish by Ken Turkowski. Both sites have been added back which I hope will end this edit war. Views Read Edit View history. Just because it’s not as large or don’t agree it should be there, doesn’t classify the links as spam WP: To achieve the required degree vertical field-of-view, you have these choices: The PanoTools group has been around since April of This also goes for mailing list archives.

There’s, however, too little information for it to have a stand alone article and since the community is created around the software, I suggest we add this info to the Panorama Tools software article under a section called “community” or “group” or whatever.