Sign in Create account. Will leave a review after I used it for a while. Digital Content Pubcoder Pubcoder: Nonetheless, we wanted to meet your expectations and give you a layout that matches your InDesign file. Shelf Import from InDesign.


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This looked like an interesting application.


Top de la semaine. Discover New Mac Apps. PubCoder is the perfect tool to easily create digital and interactive books.

Additional licensing information can be found here. Shelf is the perfect suite to distribute and sell your interactive publications through in-app purchase sales. Soundtrack playback Fixed OPF pubcodfr error when pubcodet files with special characters in the package Deleting or modifying assets does not immediately affect the project file: The assets are held into a single project file, and you can switch from one language to another with a simple click.

If you are a Base or Pro user you will have to create a layout from the beginning, importing every single asset.

PubCoder (@pubcoder) | BetaList

Please consider that software created for digital and for traditional print which many files from InDesign were created for follow different rules. Reach your readers in any language, on any pubcoddr.


You can process them all within the same project and switch between them with a simple click. Will leave a review after I used it for a while.

Go to reviews 2. Apple iBooks Author 2. With PubCoder you can easily handle different book formats.


Discoverable Publish your app on the App Store and Google Play Store and sell your content directly from your personal branded bookstore application. Link this to your traditional paper publications by creating cross-selling promotions and mutual recognition. You can actually test it with a 30 days free trial license. Interactive publishing tool for digital content. Overview PubCoder lets you create engaging digital stories with ease.

Pubcoder : Shelf & InDesign import

Nonetheless, we wanted to meet your expectations and give you a layout that matches your InDesign file. ;ubcoder interactive content to provide a special digital experience.

For these reasons this feature will only be available for the Enterprise license users. PubCoder can easily create and manage different versions of your book in different languages.

This functionality is specifically designed for a conversion rather than a creation work. This was very frustrating, so we decided to completely reset the import feature from Indesign. pubcodee


Pubcoder : Shelf & InDesign import – ELECTRIC NEWS

PubCoder can easily manage non-Latin characters such as Chinese, Arabic or Cyrillic and both left-to-right and right-to-left writing directions and pages browsing modes. Pin It on Pinterest. Every localized version will generate a single file package, ready to be published in the appropriate store. In particular, digital devices have severe limitations in redirecting some features which are taken for granted in print: Puvcoder works behind a solid and efficient Amazon Pubcpder server system.

In the early stages of the project you can choose a specific combination of format, page size, and language to define the default workspace.

Improvements Improved Sprite Animation: Suivez Electric News Twitter.