A sneak peek coin bonus allows the player to expose all remaining cards for a couple of seconds, but every card exposed in this way is counted as a turn. Sofia Cooking Princess Cake 4. The Beginner level has one 5×5 grid, Intermediate has two 6×6 grids, and Advanced has four 8×8 grids to solve per game. Uncompressed file folder includes following three files: Horror Place Escape 3. This setup program will install Purble Place and other Windows games on Windows 10 PC where all these games are missing by default. The object is to fill orders in a bakery by assembling a cake to match a given specification, by controlling a conveyor belt that brings the cake to various stations.

purble place cake games

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Wedding Cake Factory 4. Tom Family Cooking Cake 4. Anna Cooking Frozen Cake 3.

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Barbie Cake Deco 4. Kids love to play Purble Place game. Windows 7 games part1 for purbleplaceforwindows Here is my first cake from the Purble Place Comfy Cakes game. During installation wizard you will see a checkbox indicating that you want to discover Winaero Tweaker. Make A Gingerbread House Cake 4.


Any color may be used for any feature, and a color can be used once, several times or not used at all.

purble place cake games

The final score depends upon the number of cakes baked, the number of incorrect orders sent and the efficiency of the player in baking. Princess Shoe Cake 4.


Sofia Cooking Princess Cake 4. Elements of the cake include shapes square, circular or heart-shapedflavor of batter strawberry, chocolate or vanillaoptional icing flavors as used in the batter and plaxe decorations e. The player makes about 5 or 6 cakes in one of the difficulty levels.

purble place cake games

Anna Wedding Cake 4. Barbie Cake Deco Game 4. Warzone DressUp Game 3.

The Beginner level has one 5×5 grid, Intermediate has two 6×6 grids, and Advanced has four 8×8 grids to solve per tames. If every thing goes fine, the setup of Windows game Purble Place and other Windows 7 games will be successfully completed on Windows Puzzle Coloring Game 4.

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As I noted before, there are very nice and enjoyable Minesweeper games for Windows 8 or Windows 10, or there are numerous free downloadable Mahjong games on the market. My Plaace Pony Cooking Cake 3. Princess Cake Cooking 4. Comfy Cakes is a hand-eye coordination game. Here are the games and other components that you can configure for setup.


Halloween Special Cake Cooking 4. Birthday Cake Cooking 4. At the advanced level the computer doesn’t tell the player which specific items were correct, reporting only the count of picks in the correct color and position, and the count of picks in the correct color but the wrong position.

Cooking Delicious Cheese Cake 3. If you change the destination folder by pressing Browse and choosing an other one, the wizard fames warn you not to alter the predefined installation folder. Ariel Cooking Wedding Cake 4.

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Games for Windows 7. Kill The Cake Frozen Fever Cake 3. Cooking Celebration Cake 2 4. Views Read Edit View history.