Archiving — tightly integrated email archiving. Click here to join us! On the few occasions when you encounter problems or face issues, the single point agenda of the QLC Tech Support is to ensure that your mail system is up and running in record time. From the minute you download our software, QLC is committed to help you through the entire mailing experience — be it related to installation, configuration or modifying specific settings to customize usage. A range of features that will ensure that email is productive and effective. Schedule A Demo Interested?

qlc postmaster enterprise

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Peace of mind for administrators through its self-diagnostic Health Check with daily reports and warning messages.


Schedule A Demo Interested? This is where our channel coverage works for you — they form the first line of support and in all Indian metros and most class-A towns, a phone call away. Or download a 3-user evaluation copy from our website www. Enetrprise network is growing both in width and depth steadily and even now is the best for our category in India. Click here to join us! World-class efficiency in email processing and throughputs.

MIS — monitor and analyze email and Internet usage. Server Expansion — seamless handling of multiple Internet domains. Announcement FieldSense is a smart Sales Force Automation solution that goes well beyond just field and sales force tracking. Contact us for a Demo. Designed to deliver Peace of Mind! The guiding principle for our Technical Support team is that email is enterprise critical for you.


Blog Click here to visit our blog. Tightly coupled add-on modules that provide extended functionality.

qlc postmaster enterprise

Where PostMaster Express is a tightly packaged communications solution, PostMaster Enterprise has been designed to fabricate a communications platform suited to your particular policies and requirements. A host of features like Bcc Discovery and Mail Screening to prevent information leakage through email.

This is complimented by our own sales and technical support offices in Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Enterprkse Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Pune.

qlc postmaster enterprise

You get to pick and choose the additional capabilities that you require, and seamlessly integrate these into your PostMaster Enterprise installation. Antivirus — perimeter screening of malicious and objectionable content.


PostMaster Enterprise serves as a robust and scalable foundation — a LAN-based email server with a wide range of features and benefits, which guarantee productive email.

What would you call a fully-loaded, completely customizable, and highly scalable PostMaster Express?

A web-mail interface for end users that will tempt them to migrate away from desktop email clients. A powerful and intuitive user interface for administrators as well as end-users.

qlc postmaster enterprise

Archiving entterprise tightly integrated email archiving. This is further reinforced by our branches in Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore and Delhi and our free email support facility.

Ask for a full-feature evaluation license and take a test drive.


Qlc postmaster enterprise download

A tightly integrated email archiving module with intelligent storage and powerful search and restore. We provide support through a network of channel partners in 50 locations across India and some Middle Eastern countries. A range of features that will ensure that email is productive and effective. And backed by an excellent support system through qualified channel partners across over locations and our own points of presence in 8-cities in India.

Collaboration mechanisms for your users like Workflow Management, QuickMsg Service and Forums, with support for multiple locations. Click here to join us!

QLC wants to ensure that you have all the information and tips enterprisee need and the QLC Technical Support Executives are available to explain issues, offer tips and instructions for solving any problems. Channel Partners Partner With Us. Administer, monitor and comfortably manage a user- and content-policy across your organization, Optimize the usage of critical resources like bandwidth, hardware and technical manpower, Provide essential security benefits like anti-virus and anti-spam protection right at the network perimeter, Build a chassis for postmasteer effective workflow management system.