The following soundtracks are supplemental to the main program soundtracks. Dive is to be used alone, once per day 30 minute session , for the first two weeks of your listening routine. Hope to see some positive changes. And what I love is how truly peaceful and relaxed I feel after listening to it. I kept running into it again and again over the course of a month or more.

quietude holosync

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I searched google many times over but only found out that “The Dive” should be used for 14 days, and that was from these boards. Quietude is particularly useful for those interested in super-learning.

I noticed many years ago that all of us human uqietude are navigating our way through a rather difficult situation. Do not listen to Immersion yet.

holosync for meditation

Access s of hours of free, world-class content on the Centerpointe platform. Use “Quietude” when you read, study, or work, as it induces a focused super learning state alpha. Create My Centerpointe Account.

Immersion contains the sound of rainfall only no crystal bowls are used on Immersion.

quietude holosync

You may sit in such a way that your back is supported if you desire. Quietude creates a peaceful, lightly relaxed, focused state of consciousness. Listening to Immersion without first listening to Dive will not produce a meditative effect. Attain extraordinary happiness and inner peace. Quietude is a lovely musical soundtrack entraining your brain to a light alpha state. I know that before I started using HS I was in between, but now, for no apparent reason, I just smile and feel good, not very strong qkietude of good, but comfortable and pleasant.


After 14 days begin to listen to The Dive track 1 of CD 2 for the first 30 minutes followed by the Immersion soundtrack track 2 of CD 2 for the second thirty minutes of your listening session. Your Extraordinary Life Begins Here. Listen for 30 minutes per day, or on an occasional basis. Edited by User 3, on Mar 28, 5: Immersion is to be used immediately following Dive. It can be listened to for up to several hours holosynv a time if desired.

Choose Extraordinary.

This group is designed to delve into the psychological and spiritual aspects of the law of attraction and enhancing your connection with your Authentic Self.

I have been using Holosync for meditation for the past 7 months and I think it is great. Dissolve old, troublesome mental and emotional issues to reach your full potential. Oasis is a theta-level musical soundtrack. It may feel a bit late to ask quietuude all but I really value your opinion and somehow expecting it to holosynnc positive too.

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I’m sure it could be found via google. Scientific technology that replicates the powerful effects of long-term meditation holosybc the touch of a button. I was pondering over how to arrange the money to get the holosync starter Cd when I thought about that money from returns and ordered it right away.


I really appreciate if you could let me know.

Holosync Instructions

So I am also interested to see any feedback about the system. Meetup members, Log in. Nolosync not saying that any of this is certain, in most cases none of this will experienced – i’m letting you know just in case. It has been one of the most powerful tools I’ve used in my personal development.

quietude holosync

Fellowship of Freethought Dallas 4, Freethinkers. You may also wish to take a break from the the Holosync sessions for a few days until you feel you have adjusted The effects of meditation can be subtle, don’t keep ‘watching’ for results, just keep doing it and forget about it.

Please consider posting your experiences if you are in fact using the cds when you get a chance.

Comments from those who have actual experienced using the system along these lines will be very much appreciated.