Engineered by Tommy Tagtgren. But give thee an eternity. See her eyes behind the shadow In the thunderously silence. Still wonder how life would be, this life she’ll never see For thy kingdoms underworld Has once again opened.

ragnarok in nomine satanas

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My flame is burning!


Her beauty rest’s in darkness Living rest of your life in sodomy. Inquam fusus letalis ira Furor et letum longe lateque. Language, I have never spoken before Through my eyes, a world that I never have seen before The demon within me See her eyes behind the shadow In the thunderously silence. A Nights Kingdom 4. By malediction I have become, thy son The son of darkness.

The sky above me turns red like flames from hell Raise your horns in blasphemy I am Satanized!

In Nomine Satanas

In hell I burn Morbid demented. The soil is covered by frost and the clouds are gathering Above this beautiful corpse.

The slayer of a thousand souls, Born in me. Faces so cold as ice. I see my self like the flame.

ragnarok in nomine satanas

Open the gate, master Satan! The Beast Of Madness Misery! I come upon, for as I am your son Give me the key, and I shall never flee. There is no where to despair, Victory is now nomime Still wonder how life would be, this life she’ll never see. The Beast Of Madness 5. A blazed by the mist of terror, She subsides into the great horror. Infernus spiritus Tiamat In nomine Satanas Nocternus spiritus marduk Dominus spiritus Satan Ego vos benedictio in nomine Magni dei nostri satanas ave Satanas domini inferni I spread my wings and fly into the night again And create confusion and chaos for my on immolation In nomine dei nostri satanas I raise my horns into the night again Ragnaroi my hand and fly with me into the flaming hell Can you feel his pride upon us Can you feel his strength are growing Rapture!!!


RAGNAROK LYRICS – “In Nomine Satanas” () album

Embrace me, as you command your black winged horde. The Black Mass Lord, take me as your saatanas to do all evil I will bring hatred where love was meant to be Let injustice be spoken over forgiveness Bring dissension where agreement used to be So doubt in those who believe And fear their hypocrisy Darkness will conquer the light Let happiness be overshadowed by pain and sorrow I will let delusion rule instead of truth Oh master, Let me seek and find The ultimate chaos 3.

ragnarok in nomine satanas

In Inferno I Drown 7. Feel the great storm which fulfils the air. Open the gate, Leviathan! Born by darkness Born by blizzards Born by flames, Born Satanized!!! I seduce you into the night as I draw your soul Into tragedies.

Capture in this beautiful silence. After thousand of years Open the gate, master! Watch my strength grow, as I get crown as Prince of darkness Drink my blood, and become one of me.


Satqnas the greatest kingdom of my inner self I summon thee, ave Satanas In the greatest darkness of my inner strength I call upon, regie Satanae. Something strong is growing deep inside of me So dark and mighty, that it takes my breath away, But still you’re my ecstasy.

ragnarok in nomine satanas

The Black Mass 3. Ave Satanas, reige Satanae, Shemhamforash, hail Satan!!!