This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic harassment, fighting, or rude posts. I guess so, nobody complained. You will actually have to find the installed custom items in RCT3 yourself, or ask one of our members where a particular item shows up in their game. My cube is laying in the middle of 2 RCT tiles. I was actually looking for something that will find the CS I need because some of it is impossible to find or either doesn’t show up like rollercostas launch set. If I understand the question right, yes each new object must have it’s own.

rct3 custom scenery importer

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I move them before they appear in the game.

rct3 custom scenery importer

Discussions Rules and Guidelines. You’ll need to read up on using Vista, setting programms to have certain access levels based on your computer’s configuration and your needs. Please compile a list of what you are missing, and visit: Hello everybody, As hinted we have now moved all development of the custom scenery importer to SourceForge. Theme Park Studio Video Showcase 2.

rct3 custom scenery importer

All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Please be careful- the rules here at this website say that you cannot post again unitl someone else replies AKA no double posting. I would appreciate this very musch.


I had a lot of people asking me here on Steam how I was importing my custom scenery objects into Theme Park Studio. Is there an app that can discover missing CSO other than park cleanup Thanks.

Be sure and watch the video for instructions on how to use. Is there any way I can do this, and would someone give me a link to the exact file I need to download please? I decided to do CSO as well and stumbled over the same problem as Takacs.

Custom Scenery Depot – Theme Park Games – CSO Importer v beta1

November 22, Great Tutorial, I got so much further with that help, one thing keeps happening to me though, the objects where the hight is smaller then the width en depth seem to be imported on their side, i checked your tutorial again and again, but i didn’t find a way to change that problem If you use a different icon in the group icon setting, it will appear as a new group even if the name is the same.

So select the name of your set as the group text string. Then in the scenery creator menu ‘edit scenery settings’in the ‘Group’ section – should be arranged like this: Except for the User account control and, oddly enough, I never had to get around virtual store, it was never implemented on my computer I actually prefer Vista over XP Pro. Wanna see my creations?


You must have done the SID settings wrong when importing and its halway in the ground because you didn’t fix the co-ordination when creating the. Glad also I could help.

I used the importer and installed file, I opened in game and it showed up how I saved it. So I decided to write up a tutorial on how I import them.

RCT3 Importer v18b2

But why would you want to run it in Microsoft’s spyware-enhanced crippleware? But I don’t importfr why it is here? RCT3 custom scenery importer 6 replies views.

rct3 custom scenery importer

You must figure out where it is. This sounds excellent Belgabor: I tried reinstalling and stuff like that Help please? November 30, Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Maybe it was something to do with the importer, Alot of the things i didn’t understand, like what alot of the names I had to put was for what different bits, and I ended up having the group name for the cube the same name as the actual cube I created.

I found a way to convert less common file types to a. The importer automatically did this??