This is the action specified if the ‘max time allowed’ is exceeded. Currently, march there are two releases of the Metadata and content packaging editor and a release of the stand-alone Learning design editor. Best regards Ludovic davood August 12, The new file screen looks like this: Some information may be missing or may be wrong, spelling and grammar may have to be improved, use your judgment!

reload scorm editor

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Adding manually a resource to an item. You have to choose a folder with a short path – like C: The Reload Editor is a tool which will allow you to create manifests which aggregate all types of learning modules together into a larger package.

This is the time in seconds that scormm LMS would permit access to the item for.

RELOAD Project: Editor

The version – 2. If you are looking for an easy e-learning content authoring tool, look at eXe.

This element defines any other Item which the learner must have completed satisfactorily before they are allowed to access the reloaad Item. The user is provided with a choice of four built in actions:.


reload scorm editor

Could not create New Document Could not load Profile: Hi, I have the same problem with reload editor. I discovered your blog as I’ve got a problem with reload editor.

Reload Editor

This is a short Reload Editor Tutorial. Hi do not change the CP version of package when creating a new package. More after edutor jump In the example to the left, this would be item Three.

Enter your search terms. Most authoring tools including this one also allow you to produce a zipped directory with files that can be deployed on a simple webserver, a CD etc.

Reload Editor Tutorial

This article or chapter is incomplete and its contents need further attention. To find the DOS window application in your Windows: Your project should now look like something like this: You may download a test package from the reload web site or you may find them on the web but be careful, some of these will be badly done and not load. This tutorial is not yet complete. Editir instance you may wish to restrict access to a simple assessment, forcing all learners to complete within 15 minutes.


Retrieved from ” http: Retrieved from ” http: Alternatively type the above command from a command DOS window. This is the action specified if the ‘max time allowed’ is exceeded. This latest version is only available as manual install files to dezip and there is no manual as of You can also simply drag them into the package Files folder: Navigation menu Personal tools Log in Request account.

Navigation menu Personal tools Log in Request account. Schneider doesn’t know how to “un-SCO-fy” an item without editing the xmlmanifest.

Reload Editor – EduTech Wiki

Anybody can help me? Alternatively, select an item left-click and press the ADL icon on the menu bar on top.

reload scorm editor

Reload Editor Workspace in default mode. Selecting the editing mode in the Reload Editor.

reload scorm editor