The data for the gradient array must be given in the general array format with a sub-array number of Item Description Res2dinv Res2dinv ver. Make your own four-electrode probe for soil mapping Happy New Year ! A live webinar on the application of geophysics to agriculture will be offered on: The first item is a flag to indicate whether the file contains topography data. Supports on land, underwater and cross-borehole surveys Supports the Wenner alpha,beta,gamma , Wenner-Schlumberger, pole-pole, pole-dipole, inline dipole-dipole, equatorial dipole-dipole, gradient and non-conventional arrays.

res2dinv demo

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res2dinv demo

The inversion of the resistivity and IP data is conducted by least-square method involving finite-element and finite-difference methods. Neopaint graphics editing software shareware. Instructions for installing the dongle driver for Windows Vista and 7.

RES2DINV | Landviser, LLC

The multiple gradient array is becoming popular with multi-channel systems Dahlin and Zhou After reading in a data file, the program will attempt to filter out suspicious readings with potentially high demmo levels dem the measurements are given as apparent resistivity values, or if you had chosen the option to use apparent resistivity values in the inversion. Geophysical Prospecting, 66, Web site with publications on electrical imaging in Spanish. You can use any general purpose text editor, such as the Windows Notepad program if you are creating the data file manually.

First data point, note non-zero elevation after x-location of each electrode. Includes software, Tutorial Notes, abstracts and papers.


res2dinv demo

Usually you input x- and z- values for each electrode as shown rex2dinv. The first and traditional type survey use very few different C1-C2 positions usually only one with C1 and C2 located at the two ends of the linebut many different P1-P2 positions, see the Table A.

Practical aspects of applied optimized survey design for electrical resistivity tomography. New format for ddemo mode option script file which makesuse of the files containing the inversion parameters produced by the RES2DINV program.

Geotomo Software – Download

Use of a dongle on a computer without a parallel port Many new notebook computers do not have a parallel port but come with at least one USB port. The general array res2vinv can be used for any array, including gradient and non-conventional arrays of any configuration. Reconstruction of landslide movements by inversion of 4-D electrical resistivity tomography monitoring data. Who’s new magugumt KatyaK joeten Username: Archaeological Prospection, 13, For each data point, list the x-location.

res2dinv demo

New version of program with multi-core CPU support. Note also in the data lines, the elevation for each electrode is given as 0. To use this update, copy it so that it overwrites the old version in the appropriate folder in your hard-disk.

Journal of Contaminant Hydrology, Each line represent measurement for one electrode arrangement. A resistivity survey of a burial mound in the Valley of the Thracian Kings’.

Setting up RES2DINV/RES3DINV (DEMO ver.) for the first time

However, the program can also handle data sets with a non-uniform electrode spacing. Cross-borehole survey resistance values.


The full professional version of the program gives your the ability to save your models and inversion data and is protected with a hardware key USB or LP1 dongle.

Geophysical Prospecting, 60, The topography data is entered immediately after the main section with the apparent resistivity values.

RES2DINV – 2D Geophysical Inversion Software for Resistivity and Induced Polarization data

Howeverif you decide to purchase software, please request a formal quote from us ASAP before contacting GEOTOMO directly, as we will meet or beat price of other dealers, but we cannot guarantee it unless you secure order from us first. The older index based format is only used for conventional arrays such as the Wenner, Wenner-Schlumberger, pole-pole, res2ddinv and dipole-dipole arrays.

Please note it does not support the old Rainbow parallel port dongles which are more than deo years old! Therefore, the Table and Figure numbering was kept constant with originals, which can be downloaded as full PDFs from the attachment to this blog post.

Set of files installed with the Res2dinvx64 and Res3dinvx64 programs. As an example of a data file without the ‘ n ‘ factor, Table 7.