It certainly applied to all the games, in every form disc-based and digital. I have RotWK on Origin. After the game is installed, you should install patch 1. Link to the site that will explain everything: In it you will be able to play as your favorite heroes, enjoy the views of fortresses and picturesque landscapes without any haste or pressure.


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Tried reinstalling but same problem.


May 12 You should have an. I have it installed but i can’t seem to figure out how to mount it and find everything because i’m new to windows 7.


Posted 10 April – No cracking required IMG: I’ve deleted everything and will give it another go tomorrow. Open BFME2 torrent file in utorrent. Register your Revora Account. BFME 2 Download and no-cd play: Jan 19 Pick a folder where you would like to download BFME2 and the download should start.

Ah, haven’t been home for the past week. I miss you all We experimented on all aspects of the game and found the best way of creating the gameplay assets. Please note that if you have installed BfME in another language then the folder name might be different.


Well there is the autorun. Edited by Kwen, 01 May – Hey, i’ve got it all downloaded, but when I select the rld-bfme2 iso file, and do auto run it gives me this error message.

Battle for Middle Earth 2 1.06

We are making models about 10 times more detailed than the models from the original old game, yet the game is going to be even more optimized than before due to latest capabilities of making LODs and baking. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Would give you the site links for the rld-bne2 mentioned, but my PC is not with me at the moment.

It realy workedthanks so much!

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First, upgrade your graphics card drivers. Dear all, I tried to run BFM2 using the instructions provided by forshire.

Hope I typed that site out correctly. Posted 29 April rld-bne2 I’ve forgotten my password.


Changing the screen resolution The game’s resolution can be edited to match your screen in the options. Make sure you are starting the game through the T3A: What is already done and what is in the works: Currently we are engaged in creating the multiplayer, yet we understand that many feel nostalgic about the campaign of BFME I and that rld-bje2 would love to see something similar on the up to date engine.


While online the game says to update.

[BFME1/BFME2/ROTWK] Games Download & Installation Guide

What side will you choose? Also although I’m no stickler for that it’s legal, whereas the other options are not. However, if more people would ask about it rl-dbme2 they’d consider making one.