Producer’s Letter August The Mechanic of perma death. Besides, pointing out a large vulnerability on a public forum makes it more visible to the devs, but also the people that use and create the hacked clients. They do in fact check their server logs, I used to do shady stuff on this game I don’t now! I’m going to message the mods to inquire why. There is so much to be learnt from why people hack and the case study of why hacking is so controversial in rotmg. Maybe they already know about it and are gonna do something, maybe the vulnerability is covered in hacked clients in some way and DECA can’t do anything about it, or maybe the situation is completely different.

rotmg hacks

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At the very least, I provided this community some proof of that.

I understand why you think hacking is bad. Are you unable to progress without hacks? The game gives the opportunity to choose from dozens of skins and character types each with a unique special ability.

Realm of the Mad God (RotMG) Hacks & Cheats

Couldn’t you just rename the swf to whatever AssemblyGameClient. Why should Hqcks ban hacked clients, they are the people who are buying gold and give money to them. Remember the account security feature: All Deca’s posts, in order? They are stealing potential profit from deca by selling st’s that are being bought with money that could have been spent on decas mystery boxes, I believe valve rotg action against some website for “stealing potential profit”.


rotmg hacks

Rather than blabbering insults, why don’t you give a well constructed counter argument to his points? RotMG is playable compared to those 2 games. You can not see the headers or any of the connections between that site and the official rotmg servers.

But if they eventually want to bring an iron fist down on hackers, trust me they will implement game mechanics that will be drastically different from the base vanilla game. Maybe they already know about it and are gonna do something, maybe the vulnerability is covered in hacked clients in some way and DECA can’t do anything about it, or maybe rotmmg situation is completely different.

In most games hacks are used to provide cheap exploits just for the benefit of the player to gain an advantage.


DECA has rrotmg know to know about this already. Before you ask any questions, please review the Realmeye wiki! As a new player someone who represents what Deca needs to keep Realm aliveI can tell you firsthand how difficult it is to pot my characters.

All public, all free, all fun! Submit a new link.

Realm of the Mad God (RotMG) Hacks & Cheats – MPGH Wiki

The skill ceiling for content in realm is already high enough, but the design is such that every time you die you will have to replay lower level content again and again. Never in a million years will hacking ever be beneficial to a game, gtfo here with your horseshit. I bet you didn’t even take a look at them because you’d know how actually unplayable they are compared to this game. If am not wrong, the communication between that site and the official rotmg servers is done via the flash player client, who gives very few information like the version of flash or if it is backs or not.


Im just not seeing why its only 2 or 3 dungeons. But in realm, hqcks some of the hack attributes do do that, many of the hack attributes actually provide QOL for players. Try old school angband or Dwarf Fortress and tell me if rotmg is still borderline unplayable Dx.

For a flash game? Just message this to DECA instead of broadcasting it here.

rotmg hacks

Need advice on what class to create next? Posts violating the guidelines are subject to removal without explanation. Also my analysis is NOT perfect or remotely accurate, it is just based off my little experience with game design. Do not use this subreddit as a trading platform. Retrieved from ” https: Its quite boring compared to the scary hardcore WS hafks where deaths could set you back a ton.