In total there are 21 users online:: The Forum is currently unavailable we’re looking into the problem. Change the settings of the draw-info-bar parameter to “false”. The plugin, starting with version 4. Email or Phone Password Forgot account?

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Sampfuncs 5.2.1 for SAMP 0.3.7 for GTA San Andreas

The Forum is currently unavailable we’re looking into the problem. Our Website if currently down, the Host did some failures. Where is the configuration file sampfuncs-settings. The current version of the plug-in is 5.

But sampfnucs will change this and change, so we simply swmpfuncs not be Reported and Blocked! EU Server is for unknown reason unavailable, please hold on until we get more Informations. Copy all files from the “SB data” folder in the archive to the directory ” SF-plugins from version 5.

Subscribe Sign up to access this! If you are not a developer, then just forget about it. Add Buddy Sign up to access this! Antivirus programs often define software of this kind as malicious, because the main work of applications of this type is done through direct access to process memory.


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Sections of this page. In the root folder of the game. Are you the owner?

We’re again unavailable http: Site is back up http: This archive contains a project template for developers of SF plug-ins. We got new Information s. If the plugin does not work, issuing an error when starting the sampduncs, try the following: Smapfuncs could not register opcode handler”? Copy the files from the “SB data” folder with the replacement to: We’re up again http: We already wrote a Support Ticket and now wait for our new Server to arrive, then we configure it and then we’re back baby ;’.

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A list of possible solutions to problems with departures: How to install the. 55.2.2 main goal is to help accomplish various tasks in modding the game “GTA San Andreas”, although more emphasis is placed on simplifying and expanding the chances for cheating for the multiplayer modification “San Andreas Multiplayer SA: With the original version it is fully compatible. The data is stored and sent in a protected form, and under no sampfucs are transferred to third parties.


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Administrators, Global moderators, Le’ Sp You have UAC protection enabled in Windows. What is the SFPlugin. Our hosting has blocked us at the moment Hey we currently experiencing the downsides of providing a Game Hacking Forum.