You have activated the logon check but either the corresponding subtree is not created, or the reported values become obsolete. Which indirectly points us that somehting with services on that server. This answer has been deleted. A tip I found is to run multiple agents if you monitor a LOT of systems and a further tip is to. If you can give me some reference or guide from which you have used the above, I can see if it is related to my problem.

sap ccmsping

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In the Connection Data: By using an agent, you can efficiently monitor the availability of a large number of systems from a central location, without an inactive system causing an error in the display of the Alert Monitor. This answer has been undeleted. WelcomeCcmspiing Login Register.

CCMSPING test is failed – SAP Q&A

So at first you should try to install ccmsping on your CEN and see if it works. You can check the availability of application servers using an RFC call directly to the server. So I want to confirm whether it is possible to have instance availability alerts using hostagent only or we need to have ccmsping as well. In this way, two hosts with monitoring segments can work with the same name for example, in the case of alternating operation in the context of high availability solutionsand the content of the segment can be ccmping when switching hosts ccjsping also Profile File of the CCMS Agents.


sap ccmsping

You already have an active moderator alert for this content. This means that, in addition to a load balancing for availability monitoring, you can also have certain systems monitored by multiple CCMSPING agents, and therefore check accessibility. With this monitoring method, an application server is regarded as available if a free dialog work process responds to this call; that is, if it is possible to log on to this server.

Enter the following data during the installation if there is a default value for an entry, this is shown in square brackets. Can anyone help, please. Availability monitoring uses the alert and display functions of the monitoring architecture.


Account under which the service is to be started. If you use a saprouter they must exist on the saprouter host. This means that upper limits for the runtime apply, which can be exceeded if RFC problems occur.

sap ccmsping

This agent is a stand-alone program that runs outside the SAP system. It activates the following new functions: The availability tree is incomplete instance trees are missingor the values are obsolete grayed out.

Availability monitoring CCMSPING or hostagent

S Sriram Former Member. This is the older style. If the logon check and the availability monitoring of logon groups are not being provided with data for any monitored ABAP systems, this is usually because the corresponding data collection method is not executed. Logon ccmspin only for load balancing. The status Fatal Error is displayed.


Hi, Please try to perform the below mentioned steps Confirm the messages that appear. Dec 29, at Host of the gateway, usually the message server of CEN.

CCMSPING registration for monitoring – SAP Q&A

You can use the following monitoring methods to do this: The files from ccmeping directory appear in a separate window. Which indirectly points us that somehting with services on that server. With this function, you can monitor whether remote systems and their instances are available for work from the Alert Monitor of your central monitoring system CEN.

sap ccmsping

The answers to your questions: In the case of double-stack systems, you can use both the Java and the ABAP message servers for the monitoring, if the availability monitoring is appropriately configured. There are two styles of ccmsping registration that seem to be supported at the same time but not simultaneously in one CEN system.