Describe how QM integrates with Sales and Service. We use cookies to personalize your experience. Customer returns can be subjected to a returns inspection. Describe the purpose and features of Quality Notifications. Display an explanation of a field’s uses Display a list of possible input values Change your user data for example, the logon language End the session you are in Display detailed technical information on a field.

sap plm400

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All trademarks, service marks, trade names, trade dress, product names and logos appearing on the site are the property of their respective owners. Documents can be added at all levels of the hierarchical data object structure in an FMEA.

sap plm400

Brigitte Other tests from this author Creation Date: The results history for equipment displays the results of past calibration inspections. Explain the configuration requirements of Quality Control.

SAP Quality Management QM PLM400

Several question lists can be assigned to one plk400. The specifications in the inspection type define how an inspection is to take place. Business processes Standard requirements.


Start another session Display detailed technical information on a program Call the SAP Library Display possible entries for an input field Create a print request of the screen currently displayed. If you continue browsing sa will be accepting its use. Implement QM in Discrete Manufacturing. Which of the following statements are correct? A client may represent an entire company. Customer returns can be subjected to a returns inspection.

SAP QM Certification Exam Syllabus | ERPPrep

The certificate form is used to define the layout. Quality management can be used throughout the whole life cycle of a product. What is integrated in the product structure? Inspection results can be recorded for the inspection characteristics.

What does the sampling procedure define? Defects cannot be recorded. SAP Workflow is always required for the processing of quality notifications.

Customer-specific inspection specifications can be copied from the sales order. When can Quality certificates be used? Where can you work with digital signature? New Comment Last comments.


PLM – Quality Management | SAP TRAINING COURSES – SAP Courses AND Training

QM is integrated in the processes of the logistics supply chain. Quality certificates can only be used when issuing goods.

sap plm400

It is not possible to use a digital signature in the usage decision. Outgoing certificates can be stored using ArchiveLink and displayed again later.

If you procure materials externally, you can only use a goods receipt inspection. What can be defined in the sample-drawing item? The number of physical samples is defined Click ‘LIKE’ to follow the bests test of daypo at facebook.

sap plm400

A client represents a completely independent business entity. Only internal problems can be processed using quality notifications. Activity confirmations for QM orders pln400 only possible at results recording.