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savegame deemer 6.60

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If you don’t know, follow these steps to check. Thanks in advance for the help! Apr 5, Hueco Mundo Tell us any game tips or trick about a psp game! I have a psp 5.

Question About Upgrading to 6.20 Pro-B9

What is and who we are We hack savegames of playstation portable games by adding useful trick, cheat, code and other similar stuff. TurdPooCharger Jul 29, Instead, if you haven’t the file into psp, just rename the game. Next save game editor: Search available patch here.

No one has ever said that that I’ve seen in my entire GBAtemp life.


savegame deemer 6.60

The download has been taken down although it is still available in quick jump. This is complicated can you make a video hi how can i enable the plugin??

savegame deemer 6.60

In the next savgame we show you how the deemer plugin works. Need for Speed – Undercover Next patch: Published on dedmer The patchators hack the psp saves for you and add the cheats you want. Would you like to get all the new info from PSX-Scene in your email each day? Showboo April 12, at 5: Anonymous November 8, at 6: It works for me, 5. Your name or email address: Page 1 of 2. How to enable the plugin. Jump to the Last path to activate the save game deemer plugin.

Need for speed – Pro Street How to use our savegames Patch release: Connect the psp to the computer; Go to My Computer; Go to psp’s memory card; If you see a folder called “seplugin”, open it.


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Question About Upgrading to Pro-B9 | – The Independent Video Game Community

Anonymous June 15, at OP, since you have a fully hackable motherboard, it’s much better for you to install a CIPL in case of brick or something. Veemer, I had absolutely no save problems either. A simple way to enjoy your psp games: Just a couple of questions: XX CFW that contains very useful plugins.

Need a couple of hopefully basic questions answered.