In fact, IBM specifically recommends picking a specific queue manager in the cluster on which to define all the topics. Of course, the best solution would be to have a tool that both works and is supported by IBM. Dynamic queues are not first-class objects and are not found by dmpmqcfg. Alternatives Many people save the scripts from which the authorization settings were generated. MQ Series is a message oriented middleware which provides the communication mechanism between applications on different platforms even mainframes. How do we handle problem users?

saveqmgr utility

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Configuration backups: the forgotten WMQ security control

So the moment that WMQ got the capability to secure the cluster without exits, I began showing people how to use it. It is possible they will not find out that the tool is broken until they actually need to recover a queue manager in Production and things start to break just when they believe they are almost done recovering from a breach.

Perhaps saveqmgr is not yet supported on 7. I verified on v7.

saveqmgr utility download for MQ v8 – IBM Developer Answers

Requesting attributes of all listeners Sign up using Email and Password. IBM has officially responded in both cases that they are working as designed. I run saveqmgr 6. This is a very common technique for any shop that needs slightly granular user security, or anything greater.


Dynamic queues are not first-class objects and are not found by dmpmqcfg.

saveqmgr utility

If there is no queue manager already setup, create a new one on Websphere MQ explorer and run the aforementioned command. None do when the queue manager is first created.

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QUEUE with out removing the messages from the queue change the -i to capital -I to utilit remove them from the queue. Notify me of new comments via email.

Requesting attributes of all queues Mon Nov 28, 9: Why include things that are supported but not documented? This SupportPac from IBM has been withdrawn because at v8 of the product it was integrated and renamed to dmpmqmsg.

saveqmgr utility

The group is then authorized with a set of rules that look something like this: Recently, IBM published Technote This saves off all of the authorization profiles as setmqaut commands. Download Abstract This SupportPac saveqmgr saves all the objects, such as queues, channels, etc, defined in either a local or remote queue manager, to a file.

Or worse, what if you think it is but the provided tools do not actually do what you are expecting? All of these utiloty under the broad security umbrella and any security assessment that I perform includes aspects of all of these. But these are the most basic use cases of the product so how did it get out the door like this?


When I reported this several years ago I was told amqoamd is working as designed and that it would not be fixed. Tue Nov 29, Follow the instructions provided in the readme file. When WMQ gained the capability to set aaveqmgr control lists against topics, this opened the door to set access control on other non-local objects.

Does dmpmqcfg provide all the features of MS03? Requesting attributes of all services Prerequisites This SupportPac requires: What, exactly, are you dependent on saveqmgr providing for you? WMQ only needs to know it exists and resolve it. The saveqmgr utility Forget about it.