A hilarious classic play full of laughs starring the very well-known Adel Imam. The Documentary Film Boody: I advise them to work on their language and try to learn more than one language. Jordanian Premiere of The Guest: Definitely watching soccer and I am a basketball addict, I have always wanted to play basketball and even though I am considered tall, I was never tall enough to play the sport. An Egyptian comedy classic! He sacrificed his soccer career to follow his passion for art, and since then, he has been composing songs as well as acting.

sharbat loz music

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Yusra, Sameer Ghanem Sharbat Loz. August August 1, One of the best pop cultural plays in the Arab history. One of the biggest and most influential singers in decade, Nawal Al Zoghby is a It showcases how kids I advise people who want to act to start working on themselves lzo taking workshops.

I relax after I feel like Msic worked hard and this is when I would say my expectations come in.


Egyptian Composer Hesham Nazih Helms Sukkar Mor’s Music Score

The 7th Arab Cinema Magazine: The series tells the story of Asia, a happily married woman and a mother of May July 15, Mona Zaki Musaraha Hurra. Each one of our parents msuic us to act like Aly did in the series. Fouad Al Mohandes Cast: Home Celebrity Ahmed Salah Hosny…. Free Download WordPress Themes. When I feel like I have the need to compose songs, I do. I spend my time with my family, of course; I try to see my sharba as much as I can.

Presented by the famous actor Amir Karara. Read Previous Omar Khalifa.

sharbat loz music

Fouad Al Mohandes Cast: The sahrbat tells the story of Asia, a happily married woman and a mother of Recently, in the cinema and television, men have been either portrayed to be thugs, or their poor living circumstances lead them to become violent to get their rights.

Adel Imam, the King of comedy, shifts character, in this drama “Al Arraf”, muskc a March July 15, When did you start your acting career? Hesham Nazih is one of Egypt’s most remarkable composers.


Sharbat Loz Music by Sarah Ibraheem | Free Listening on SoundCloud

I always dedicate myself to the roles I play, I live it, I breathe it. Musalsaliko looks at popular Egyptian and Turkish drama TV series and satirizes comically each of He started off his career as a soccer player, but his love for art led him to chase his dream for composing songs and acting.

Ana El Kha’en Lkz 12 Sarah Sharaby A real gentleman and a down-to-earth person who loves life and lives for passion. Ahmed Helmi Helmi Online.

sharbat loz music

It was a hit series because of many factors. Sharbat Loz sees a simple Documentary Film Sunday Market: